Saturday, January 10, 2009

saturday morning flex

today is another buckshot day in the life of a buckshot shorty.

i'm starting off by doing some prep work for the dinner "party" (peeps we're having over for dinner) tomorrow. we're having our friends, B & G, my buddy P in from chile, and our buddy bobes over (we all went to high school together - with varying degrees of familiarity at the time.) so i'm going to start this morning off by making an espresso mascarpone icebox cake (i've definitely made this before), which consists of layers of nabisco chocolate wafer cookies and mascarpone-whipped cream topped with a coffee-flavoured whipped cream layer. i'm also making the bolognese sauce for the lasagna tomorrow. i'm going to get that cooking and start some baguette dough, which will also get baked off tomorrow. the price of flour has SKYROCKETED! it was NINE DOLLARS for four lbs of organic flour! holy crackers! i didn't notice it before. bad time to start bread baking experimentation.

if i have time i'm going to go to town on our part of the sidewalk and chip away at the ice because the thought of poor, defenseless old people slipping on our poorly manicured sidewalk is giving me pangs.

then i'm off to see C & C music factory at their condo, which has a gym with a squash court. we're going to be doing some dball practice in anticipation of my first game of the winter season tomorrow.

next it's off to meet H, baby D, and M to buy clothes for H's new career as an ESL instructor and catch up on the holidays.

after that it's home to make dinnie and await the arrival of the dotytron

and finally we're capping off the day with a d-ball team get together at N's condo...where we're going to play wii games and do some pre-season bonding. i made a gingerbread cake and i'm going to tote along some whipped cream. the gingerbread cake recipe i used is THE recipe for gingerbread lovers. it's dark, thick, dense, and tacky with the full, mysterious, round spice flavours permeating every bite. it's made with guinness AND a healthy amount of molasses. i only tasted the bits that stuck to the bundt pan (why does bringing cakes baked in bundt pans inevitably make me feel like the BIGGEST MOM OF LIFE?!?) - i think after sitting a day, the flavours will totally deepen and i can't wait to taste a full slice.

performance planning went well...we're already slightly over budget so we've had to revise the budget. we're also not including stuff like our outfits in the overall budget...because we're not buying a ONCE IN A LIFETIME dress/suit, then we're folding those expenses into stuff we should/would be buying anyway. the thing that eats up the most is the staff/venue rental/catering. we didn't go top-of-the-line with our catering, but we didn't go bottom basement...i'd say we're in the mid-high range for our caterers. even if we DID want to go low budge, we'd get taxed by the venue for not using one of their "preferred" caterers. any way you cut it, this stuff is expensive. the base costs seem to be fairly consistent, if you're using a venue (and not like, the legion) and having caterers...the things that we have control over and that aren't pushing us over the top, is stuff like djs, invites, our outfits, etc.

i've half-heartedly contacted a few toronto photographers. we really only need someone for like, 3 hours total...mostly the ceremony and some laid back snaps after with family and friends...i don't need the reception documented formally - i figure the plethora of digicams and the many talented photographers i know will take care of that business. it's also hard finding people who don't do conventional, boring ish. these are some photographers whose aesthetic i admire:

these shots were all taken by robert sukrachand he's fantastic! i like really natural, unconventional bouquets like the one in top picture...if i go that route...that's definitely what i'm looking for. something kind of wild and "undone." i also love the dude's suit in the 3rd pic...the dotytron probably needs a charcoal grey number...and i think waistcoat's look so smart. our colours are turning out to be a combo of plum, chartreuse-citron, silvery-grey, and black.

these shots were all taken by l.a. photographer max wanger. the first set in particular i adore...the style and aesthetic is so me! i love the dude's suit and her dress and how adorable everything is. it probably helps that the bride is one of the most gorgeous girls i've ever laid eyes on. seriously, how pretty IS she?!??? it's a little *too* cutesy...and i really love the washed-out tones and off-colouring of the following set.

anyway, if any of my faithful readers know of any toronto-area photographers who do stuff like that above...please let me know!

we kind of made the controversial decision not to register for anything. principally because i have some issues baldly asking people for gifts and, the problem is: i'm not sure WHAT we'd register for! it's impossible! we went to the bay on our big xmas gift card blowout day to use up a gift card the dotytron got for xmas and we were seriously hard-pressed to find anything there that we wanted/needed. i think in the end we got a pyrex glass measuring cup (so i guess we can scratch THAT off the potential registry) and a robe, maybe? the way we figure it is, people who are going to give you crap from bowrings and go off-list are the kind of people who go off-list anyway (my sister's wedding taught me this. she registered and STILL got pewter and crystal goblets with dragons on the stem with fake "jewel" eyes - can anyone say: "re-gifting"???) i guess we (mostly i) have very specific tastes when it comes to home stuff, and our little home is already established, so i don't NEED baking stuff or knives and there doesn't seem to be a point to buy stuff when we're not settled where we're going to be settled, yet). the goal is a unified aesthetic and i'm not sure we'd find that in the places where people conventionally register.

we've been living together for SEVEN years and we're both self-sufficient so we got ourselves the stuff we need to outfit a home. i mean, it's not like i'm going to register for a couch, for a house that hasn't materialized yet, right? we're also the kind of people who favour the experiential. i'm not interested in spending $3000 on a couch when i could go to barcelona or argentina instead (and when big brown is so stylish and comfy - i pledge allegiance to big brown!) i don't need a matched set of china...i prefer to go to tap phuong in chinatown and cobble together my own set of white plates...i don't need fancy silverware...that's not my style. i mean, maybe eventually, but i prefer to buy it when i see the perfect thing in front of me, not because we're doing the performance.

the whole registry thing is pretty foreign to asian people anyway - my ever-practical and mercenary peoples prosaically give cash and nothing but. i personally prefer to give cash, unless i can tell the couple are leaning towards registry. i think other cultures (jewish, italian, mostly everyone except your classic anglo, w.p. crew) give cash...i just hope people don't get offended! whatever people give us is fine and we're certainly not expecting presents...that's not why we're doing this whole thing. in the same way that i never expect people to bring anything when they come over to our place for dinner...we're kind of treating this whole performance as having a heap load of people over to "our" place for "dinner." it's an extension of our general attitude of sharing, hospitality and the comforts of a convivial table.

anyway, tweaking the menu and going over the budget took longer than expected, so we've delegated setting up a timeline and deadlines to next week sometime, and we'll do the financial planning another time after that.

in other news: bottarga is the bomb! it smells slightly fishy coming out of the package, but it actually has a very delicate, savory element - in the dish it wasn't pervasive, it added a depth of flavour and nuance but it wasn't all grabby hands for attention. i dug it, big time.

le sigh...the day...starts...NOW!


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