Thursday, January 22, 2009

project management, eh?

getting ready to head to class. fortified with a belly full of 2 grapefruits (i had a big bowl of vietnamese bun for lunch with former coworker L, who is back home for a bit before she jets off again to estonia.)

i'm buzzing with excitement for my day off tomorrow! it's already a busy one, but i'm still looking forward to it nonetheless. the dotytron is going to have the car, so we're doing our grocery shopping and i'm picking up pastries at bonjour brioche and we're picking up our tv. well, technically we're not picking up our tv...our tv was beyond repair so future shop is giving us one of equal or greater value (we're hoping it's an lcd, but we're not holding our breath...considering the one we sent back in was one of those heavy, giant-backed, tube monstrosities.) i'm hoping to get a visit into the yarn store for munitions as well as hitting the mennonites.

then i'm meeting up with dr. rei for this "wedding dress sale." in yorkville. apparently the dresses are advertised as being 70% off...but that's like 70% off $10,000, i'm pretty sure. dr. rei made the appointment before we found THE dress for her. i'm going to try on extravagant dresses and laugh and have a'll be fun to have that experience.

then it's biggie night with the hamcamp klik. we're eating a dinner of: "t-bone steak, cheese, eggs and welch's grape" and i'm sure bwong is going to regale us with crazy tales of his time spent in the future (aka japan.) i'm so pumped!!!!!!! then bwong is driving us up to markham for chinese new year flex with my sis is coming up with kids in tow.

i guess i should bounce. if i'm leaving class early to hit up yoga, i shouldn't arrive super-late.

here's the dotytron's sister's music video! crazy! it's hard reconciling her singing persona, emma-lee, with the goofball i know. it's for her song, "bruise easy":


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