Tuesday, January 20, 2009

no time!

i'm posting on the run...working on a tight deadline question THROUGH my lunch. i'm hungry! it's not being helped by the fact that in the lull between phone calls and searches i'm researching places to narrow down for my definitive food tour of chicago.

here's what's on the short list so far:

- chicago deep dish (duh) WITH the giant thin sausage patty
- mexican food
- alinea
- blackbird OR avec
- an italian beef sandwich (chicago's answer to a philly cheeseteak

then i'll probably supplement that with a bakery or diner or something. TUMMY GROWLING!

tonight i'm going to see "revolutionary road" with K and possibly D from work (VERY interesting combo of people! not so much K...we've hung before...the D element jazzes things up some.) i'm going armed with the harvey's gift card that one of the dotytron's students gifted him for xmas. we're going to the amc and the BEST THEATRE FOOD COURT OF LIFE of COURSE has a harvey's! i haven't had harvey's in forever. i'm practically going faint just thinking of what i'm going to order (poutine fo' sho' and some kind of beef burger.) the dotytron admonished me to save him some money on the gift card because - "it's mine! i earned it" lol!!! he's so crazy in the head sometimes.

okay...gotta flash!


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