Saturday, January 17, 2009

late start.

it's 10:30 am and I JUST WOKE UP. me! on a saturday! i can't believe it. i kept waking periodically, snuffling out from under my insulating bunker of comforters, sheets, ill-begotten pillows pilfered from the dotytron's side of the bed to peer at the clock - 7:45, 8:45, 9:45...but i just kept going back to sleep.

good thing i don't have much doin' today. alls i've got on my to-do list is go wedding dress shopping and hanging out with dr. rei and make a batch of jumbleberry jam. tonight we're going to lolly's house with kdubsguelph crew to celebrate her bday...i think food and then going to mod club are on the agenda (plus over-sharing, plus laughing our butts off.)

"the wrestler" was really good. shot in a lean, low grade, quasi-documentary style, there was a certain punch of authenticity to the film. the casting was excellent and the movie is suffused with sadness, regret, and a growing sense of dread. i don't know what it is, i think i'm a sucker for movies about losers - about people who maintain their sense of grace and humanity long after they should. the christ parallels were a little over-the-top but being allowed into the world of the character was an affecting experience. the movie seems to be about the deleterious effects of our culture that builds up heroes and tears them down not a breath later, about the fundamental decency of people, about how we discard our old, and about the impassive effects of time and change. the moment before randy steps back into the ring he tried to put behind him, he tells marisa tomei's equally broken-yet-steely stripper character cassidy, that he only gets hurt "out there," in the world outside the ring, beyond the theatrics of the pre-ordained battle between good and evil, where the lines and roles are clearly delineated and defined. i thought all the performances were first-rate - especially marisa tomei's and of course, mickey rourke. he deserves every iota of praise that he's been getting. beyond his scarred, pulpy face, his eyes carried all of randy's good humour and gentility. i really hope he wins an oscar so he can continue to treat his beloved dogs like gold.

okay, i'm off!


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