Monday, January 26, 2009

in a different time, in a different place

...maybe this is the wedding dress i would have worn:

this is a jenny packham gown i tried on at "white toronto" that elicited squeals of delight from dr. rei and her mater and insistent urging that i purchase it right away from the latter. i will admit that it did fit like a dream and the fit gave me a lovely hourglass figure that i don't actually possess and gave me some evidence that perhaps my "i can't wear strapless" edict is perhaps a little preemptive. i did feel gorgeous in it, but it was the kind of "okay for an hour, alright i'm done now" gorgeous. that's a dress for a wedding (capital w, even) not a jokey performance piece featuring a groom who might very well be wearing jeans and stan smith's if he has his druthers.

we tried on some HILARIOUS of which was pure sequined, deco, roaring 20s, olsen-twins madness and we had a grand time. i even got to wear those chicken cutlet boob things! now THAT'S something i'd seriously consider. they stick onto your skin, they bring you up a cup size and they're the best bra replacement EVER. i was prancing around topless in the change room with just those tacked onto my boobs with nary a potentially revealing slip to be found. LOVE THEM! anyway, at the end of the day, it was quite easy for me to take off the $2000 dress with only the mildest, faintest, barely registering twinges of regret. i'm not that girl. i'm not getting tied to the hitching post with that guy who gets married to that girl. so i'm glad i had the opportunity to play dress up and take pictures and be a vision in white and at the end of the day come home to my sweet little vintage number. best of both worlds!

biggie night w/ the hamcamp klik was fantastic (minus hanbo who was felled by flu.) taking a cue from big poppa we feasted on "a t-bone steak, cheese eggs and welch's grape" (the cheese is in the creamed spinach, and showed up later.) let's just say biggie knew how to EAT. hooee...that s**t was intense, sons. i mean, i ate it, but i kind of fell like hell after. especially when we broke out one of the goosetang clan's patented, odd-ball, viennese dessert tables. this one consisted of dr. rei-provided/biggie-inspired snacks like, twinkies - microwaved so the filling gets a little bit gooey - (the dotytron doesn't microwave his because he wants the full nutritional value), frito's version of ring-a-lo's (which aren't as good as proper ring-a-lo's because they're a little too corny and the holes aren't big enough for you to stick your fingers through and eat them off your fingies), hostess ketchup chips (question; what are the three little "flame" like mascot dudes on the hostess bag supposed to be? i say they're supposed to be chips), and my cheesecake brownies (second iteration of cheese in the menu.)

what definitely made the night was the conversation...we talked about everything under the sun...palestine, deflation, negative inflation, the lack of sanity in the stock market, the disappearance of the gold standard, how we're due for a return of idealism, sincerity, dignity, grace, and compassion, amnesty international, the dire need for interdisciplinary bridge-building, macro-level rigor to bind us from our solipsistic pursuits of the increasingly was a soul-satisfying talk that resulted in more than one goosebump-raising ideological moment. that's ultimately why i cherish the goosetang so. we understand each other (which isn't to say that we agree all the time) and it's so refreshing to be able to have cogent, in-depth conversations with people who are so intellectually stimulating and share me and the dotytron's confusion. what makes it even better is our shared cultural we can seamlessly flow between that kind of talk and then spin off into i r serious cat talk (dr. rei's favorite.) that's what i love about my siblings, too and that's probably where i got the taste for it.

the next day i went to visit G and M and their respective families. those two had the CUTEST babies i've ever seen. now we all know i'm biased towards ethnic babies...but seriously...THE CUTEST. freakin' adorable. i was baby hogging to the max and could feel definite uterine twinges. little baby G was giving me the most exasperated rollseyes as he was sleeping in my arms and has the most delicious sturdy little body and super-pouty lips. meanwhile, baby C has GINORMOUS wide eyes and a thatch of hair that looks like it's already been styled into a quasi skater-faux hawk. they're the kind of babies that you could just eat up with a spoon.

then it was hardcore family time...we watched the disney video and kind of figured out where we're going to stay on our big disneyworld family vacation in december '08. my niece also put on this awesome iron man costume:

and i gave her a hair cut and we went for japanese all you can eat and made breakfast and went to scarborough town centre to watch a lion dance. then we went back to markham and had dinner with my grandparents. somewhere in there my dodgeball team played my brother's dodgeball team (we won!) and i got some praise from s-dawg on what a good dodgeball player i am (seriously, i'm not gonna lie...i totally played the game of my LIFE on sunday)

then the dotytron and i came home late sunday and he went a little bit buck getting ready for school after a 12 week hiatus. he was stressing to the max. we went to bed really early after unpacking, but not before conducting our own little chinese new year eve ritual. we stood in front of the picture of the kitchen god that we had posted and bowed three times. then we smeared honey on his lips (to sweeten his words to heaven to the jade emperor):

then we burned him and we're going to put up a new picture today.

when i get home from dodgeball we're also going to fry up some of the tradtional sweet cakes and sweet turnip cakes to eat so that we're lucky and prosperous and will ascend the corporate ladder this year.

okay, that's enough outta me for one day. i'll be back with a whackload of book reviews shortly.


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