Saturday, December 06, 2008

yay saturday!

i've prepared the house for the imminent arrival of little e and z. i've received a preparatory phone call from my sister, informing me of the proper pop cultural context in which to frame our upcoming visit to the ROM (apparently the kids have seen "night at the museum" and loved it). i've stocked the house with white bread and cheese for the making of grilled cheese sandwiches. i have packed a knapsack for our visit with snacks healthy (clementines, apples) and not (whoopie pies). i have pulled out sugar cookie dough for afternoon baking and decorating if the mood strikes and i have contemplated (but not yet operationalized) making homemade marshmallows for an afternoon hot chocolate respite (we still have a few straggles from last week).

tonight, bwong, dr. rei, the dotytron, our friend D, and i are going to try out smoke's poutinerie and then we're going to the uber-cheap theatre (the rainbow cinemas - where movies are $4!!!!!!!) to peep "twilight." we contemplated going to see a movie we ACTUALLY wanted to see (like "JCVD" or "the wrestler" or "milk") but in the end, fluffy teenage vampire fare for negative dollars won over our hearts and limited leisure time.

i'm kind of pumped! full review of all of the above tomorrow!


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