Monday, December 29, 2008

xmas chez the ho-lee-shi-do's

epic. that's all i can say. it's a good thing we're going to L's farm for 4 days because we totally need a break from our break so far. my bro S-dawg bought rock band so i spent a good chunk of the weekend banging away on the drums. here's the problem with that game - there aren't enough songs you actually know/want to play. seriously dudes? rise against?!? against me!?? no one actually cares about THEM! it should be non stop 70s and 80s arena rock. he also bought this trivia game called "buzz" which comes with 4 buzzers that you use to select your responses and buzz in with the answers.

incidentally, S-dawg was the only one home when we arrived at the family manor and i span style="font-style:italic;">was going to see through my campaign of not being extra nice to him and ignoring him...but i could see in his eyes that he was sorry and embarrassed. so i went up and gave him a hug and we started laughing and i said, "you apologize" and he said, "no, YOU apologize" and i said, "i DID apologize. i CLEARLY sent you an email saying that i was SORRY that you're such a D**K." lol! which is a textbook karl lagerfeld, esquire apology.

somehow the gift theme ended up being stripy stuff...kick-started by my mum giving my two brothers matching gap sweaters. "matching gap sweaters! matching gap sweaters!" ended up being the default catchphrase that we yelled near-constantly while we opened prezzies.

this is a HORRID pic of us in all our striped swag. lol!

here is our eggs benny breakfast...with the monkey bread that looks like it has a smiley face in there - weeeiiiirrrd.

this is my nephew being cute...wearing a charlie brown christmas chair tie-in around his neck.

this is the roast beef dinner (prime rib of beef, gravy, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, buttered peas, spinach gruyere casserole, pillsbury crescent rolls)(it was hella tasty):

trifle (lemon curd, pound cake, raspberries, mountains of whipped cream):

the next night's dinner we had a slow-roasted pork shoulder (with crackling!) that had been rubbed with oregano, garlic, salt, pepper, vinegar and lemon juice and roasted for 5 hours. my sister made a b***hin' sweet potato casserole topped with marshmallows, and i made braised green beans with bacon:

this is my niece wearing the striped dress i bought her (from the gap!):

finally, when we went to see "the curious case of benjamin button" (hereinafter referred to as "the movie"), we came across one of those movie billboard things with the cutout for you to put your face family has never met a cardboard cut-out insert-your-face-here thing that we've never loved/exploited/made tasteless, so this is the end result:

note: the boobs.

i'll do a review of "the movie" and "slumdog millionaire" when i return on friday. in the meantime, have a safe and happy new year, all!


p.s. these two are best buds.

p.p.s. i did a lot of driving this weekend...this is my second first time backing into a parking spot - i wanted to document my near-perfect form. the dotytron was remarkably unsupportive.

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