Friday, December 26, 2008

xmas chez the doty's

too many presents? check. (look at how the presents extend BEHIND the tree. also note that the gift bags sometimes contained MULTIPLE presents)

stocking filled with wondrous and random stuff (plastic dinosaurs, anyone?) and candy? check.

random isotoner/bowring stuff from nany and poppa? check.

lots of laughing and love? check.

breakfast? check.

post-breakfast movie watching in our pajamas ("disturbia" some of "the heartbreak kid")? check.

turkey dinner? check.

over-long conversation with uncle J about enlightenment and how i'm enlightened and don't need silent retreats? check.

lots of family time with loved ones? check.

turkey-and-too-many-carbs fueled dream about living on a cruise ship (you accessed my room via the staircase from the teen section of the bookstore on the ship!) with rihanna and chris brown, the centrepiece of which was me trying desperately to have high tea in the formal dining room? check.

i got some super-cute presents this year. i got my ANTIQUE GLOBE FEATURING THE USSR! you guys should see how effed up africa is. there's like 50% less countries! lol! and vietnam is "indochina"!!! i got some of those animal prints that i loved (the raccoon one, the barn owl one, and the gorilla one), a cute hostess cupcake change purse, the "anti-bride wedding planner," a new toaster, this bbc chef series, and all kinds of lovely lovely things. it's way too much (as always) but always super-appreciated and thoughtful.

now we're getting ourselves sorted to head up to markham for xmas part two: ho-lee-shi-do edition (that's what we've taken to calling our's an amalgam of all the last names of the parties represented.) i haven't spoken to my broski since he kicked me out of his car. i've vowed not to be EXTRA-nice to him.

we always spend too much money eating out so we're trying to cook more at home. tonight for dinner i'm making cauliflower and pancetta pasta with a romaine salad with roasted pears and walnuts. for dessert, me and my sis are hauling up extra cookies and fudges and sweets from the our respective cookie tins this year. tomorrow i'm making eggs benny for breakfast and then we're going to loaf and then we're doing the present opening and having the big prime rib dinner, with spinach casserole (my sis'), peas, garlic mashed potatoes (mine), pillsbury crescent rolls (pillsbury's), gravy (mine), and a lemon curd raspberry trifle for dessert (mine). sunday we're going for cantonese dim sum with my mum's friends and for dinner i'm doing a slow-roasted pork shoulder with potato-thyme gratin (mine), sweet potato casserole (my sis'), green beans (mine), and no dessert.

check out what H gave me for xmas!!! isn't it the cutest??? i have such talented friends:

adorable, huh?

happy boxing day everyone!


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