Monday, December 08, 2008

why saturday was the best

i forgot to mention another thing that made saturday one of the best days in forever...after the ROM, after poutine-ganza, after "twilight," and after 2.5 whoopie pies, i came home and had the BEST DREAM EVER! i dreamed that i was in high school with dave 1 from chromeo and that we were engaged in the thrilling tenderness of a blossoming high school romance. it was AMAZING! it was one of those situations where you KNOW you're dreaming but i seriously didn't want to wake up. i vaguely recall clutching at the down comforter and cocooning myself in it as a kind of poor meat-world substitute for his dream-world tender embrace. i did at least get to first base. gah!!! if ONLY i had gone to high school with dave 1 from chromeo! we both love hall and oates! it's a match made in heaven! instead i ended up with dotytron3000 from high school. i'm pretty okay with that...most days, anyway.

last night was the best! i played a really good dodgeball game (game-wise...sportsmanship wise i was terrible - yelling my head off like a meth'd up hockey dad)...i have to keep working on powering up my throws, but otherwise, i kept up the strategic, defensive play. then i came home and worked on my presentation (are you tired of hearing that yet? i am!) and ate the dhal which was super tasty. then we watched wall*e and i tried a new recipe for homemade hot cocoa. it's from pierre herme. it was good but still too sweet but not as sweet as the starbucks stuff so that was an improvement.

i effin LOVE "wall*e" i think it's a fantastic, imaginative, captivating exploration of entropy that's about a million times better than "bladerunner" (which is also about entropy and the nature of humanity - i kind of find it super-boring) (it's so cold! although i can appreciate the style of it.) wall*e is so sweet and human and inspiring/depressing. l'army found it boring, but we're diametrically opposed in terms of our movie appreciation. he didn't want to see "baby mama," and he liked "atonement" and "into the wild." we can't be movie buddies, i'm afraid. anyway...i really want to own it. it's actually laugh out loud funny and so tender and sweet and cute.

today is more fine-tuning the presentation (the tea is tomorrow! eeps!) and then dodgeball finals against a team that kinda hates us (and by us, i mean me) because i threatened to fight one of their girls once because she had no idea how to play and/or has no nerve endings because she can't feel when she gets hit with the ball and is thus, out. there's also this chubby jack black/chris farley character on the team who loves to get all angry-eyebrows WHIPTHEBALLSUPERHARD at you but i royally owned him once and so i can't get that mad at him. because the ownage was EPIC.

after dball the dotytron is picking me up with the parental automobile and we're going to fend off winter with a big bowl of hot, steaming pho at pho hung on spadina. a big big big bowl of pho (like homemade hot cocoa and marshies, and most fall/winter food, actually) on a cold day feels so good it's like a mutual hug between you and your innies. summertime sunshine feels like a hug on your skin, but wintertime rib-stickin' comfort food feels like your tummy is hugging you from inside.

can't wait!!!!!

here's a pic of last night's dinner:


homemade hot cocoa
adapted from pierre herme, serves 2 generously

2 c. of milk
1/4 c. of water
2 T. of sugar (or to taste, the original recipe had 1/4 c, but i found 1/4 c. of sugar to be too sweet)
4 oz. high quality bittersweet chocolate

- heat all ingredients in a pot on low heat, stirring (or whisking) until the chocolate is melted (the original recipe has you pre-melt the chocolate and then add it in...but why dirty an extra bowl?) and the cocoa is smooth...try not to boil it. bring it just to the simmer and then turn the heat off and either whisk it vigorously or use an immersion blender (or pour it into a regular blender with the usual caveats and precautions of blending hot liquids) to make it extra frothy. pour into mugs. garnish with homemade marshmallows (aka manna from heaven).

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