Monday, December 15, 2008

the weekend that was...

the hell/fun week to come!

saturday was nice...a big group of us went to the craft fair thing...the crafts were cute (some), a little too hipster/indie for me (most) and expensive (all). lots of moustache things and silhouettes (silhouettes are big in the urban craft arena for '08) and red-capped naive drawings of mushrooms (big in '09!) and random tchotchkes (i spelled that right on the first try - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!) the things i liked the most were these felted mobiles that had various themes - the breakfast one was cute with felted sunny-side-up eggs and waffles and toast and'd be cute in a kid's room. otherwise, the second runner-up where these 70s crocheted afghans and throws, but i don't think those were for sale - they were just put on benches so that people could sit and not get dusty...but i loved them - great, bold, color combos like orange and yellow and brown.

yesterday was oodles of fun!

we got up and ate oatmeal and laid down the vocals for our much-requested duet on the annual xmas cd. we lost the dball finals because we were missing two key guy players on the team, but it was a very narrow loss (13-11) and i feel good about it because the other team is good hearted and fun to play and the calls were fairly distributed.

after dball we went to my friend H's place for her birthday party. it was fun! she created a new game where we had to draw stuff based on cards we received. cards would say something like: "draw a really ugly building" "draw the best present ever" "draw your best friend from grade 5" "draw a toad, eating a fly, watching over us" "draw someone using the word 'irregardless'" lol!!! it was hilarious. hopefully H posts the pictures of our pictures and i can display them for you. this is the sushi she made and the peanut butter rice krispie treats that i made...which were vegan-friendly thanks to the magic of high fructose corn syrup:

i'm also uber-excited about the duet this year on this year's xmas cd. it's pretty hilarious. we usually make a tonne of cds but it seems not many people appreciate the work that goes into them. our biggest fans are: nany and poppa, the dotytron's parents, and my sister and outlaw bro. i think this year we're going to be more selective.

if i can get my act together (or the dotytron can) i'll post a lil' present for all my faithful fans and readers on xmas day!

so tonight dr. rei is coming over for dinner sans hanbo and bwong invited himself along. i bought ANOTHER performance dress...but this one is going to be the REAL DEAL one. it's a 1960s silk chiffon number that fits like a dream (read: i can't breathe!) and is really feminine and sweet. it cost about 10x my other dresses cost (but my other dresses were like, $20 so that's not a big deal, as far as performance dresses go, right?) and i anticipate that i'll be able to get a lot of wear out of it for years to come (provided i get some ribs removed, of course). i got it at cabaret vintage on queen west. it was totally random...we popped in with some of the crew i went to the craft fair with to help our friend L find a dress for her sister's wedding. we were all sitting on this chaise lounge talking and being rambunctious and making L try stuff on. i saw the dress and off-handedly thought i'd try it on for a lark. it had a 26" waist so i didn't think i had a shot in hell...luckily my lack of a rack came in handy and it zipped up and it looked really cute! even if i end up finding a MORE fabulous $35 dress, this one is still nice to have in my collection. it's quite sweet...but it might change the colour scheme slightly and i might need to rethink the headpiece. fun!!!

dr. rei and i are going to hang out and gossip and talk and look online for wedding (her) and performance (me) stuff. it's going to be absolutely delightful.

tonight for dinner i'm making tuna noodle casserole with a buttered challah topping. remember when i used to cook??? i'm baaaack! for dessert i'm going to make us that salted caramel chocolate banana tart thing - but with a streamlined graham cracker crust instead. i need to use up the extra pastry cream and salted caramel.

tuna noodle casserole:

banana salted caramel chocolate tart:

roll call of awesome:

check out these stunning paper cut illustrations by yulia brodskya (a russian graphic designer/artist)...brilliant and so so so beautiful.


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dr. rei said...

"wedding (her) and performance (me) stuff"


also, i appreciate the holiday cds!! especially since i have no other xmas music in my collection. i'm dying to hear the duet! i'm a big fan of "poetic justice"-range pipes.