Monday, December 01, 2008

true story

my brother kicked me out of his car last night on the way to my home after dodgeball. in the dark. in the freezing rain.  on the lakeshore.  i was (and still kind of am) hopping mad.  so mad that i didn't even feel the freezing rain soaking through my shoes, coat or my uncovered head, because my blood was BOILING and my face was protected by my hot, salty, tears of rage.  what didn't help was my mom laughing at me when i tried to talk to her about it.  lovely.  

anyway, i'm sure it'll blow over eventually, but i still think my bro is a bit of a dink, especially for someone of 27 years of age.

in happier news...after having a pretty emotionally trying day, culminating in an epic 1 1/2 hour trip home (it usually takes me 30 minutes door to door) and power failures on the ttc and gross mismanagement of our public transportation system, i came home to this:

that would be stuffed eggplant, stuffed with my standard meatball mix (ground pork, ground beef [usually ground veal, too], bread soaked in milk, parm, salt, pepper) mixed with some of the eggplant innies (you scrape out the steamed flesh so that you have a little eggplant skin boat for stuffing) topped with tomato sauce and baked with mozzarella. served with buttered, toasted, rosemary olive oil bread, and a ceasar salad.

last night's pot roast looked like this:

it was delicious. the meat was perfect. i forget what cut it was (must be sure to ask bwong), but it tendered up nicely with the long slow braise but still maintained nice structural integrity shot through with some gelatin-y connective tissue. we ate that with buttered, toasted, rosemary olive oil bread as well.

and my hot cocoa with marshmallows was a comforting delight. i used some of this tin of starbucks mix i got in my workplace secret santa last year. way too sweet! especially as the homemade marshies are basically soft, cloudy, whipped, sugar bombs. next time i'm going to crack out some of my hoarded supply of south american hot chocolate mix, which makes a concoction that is rich, thick enough to stand a spoon up in, and toastily bitter and dark tasting to boot. or else i'll make my own with bittersweet chocolate and cocoa powder.

finally, i forgot to mention that on friday, i picked up some doubles from the "patty king" in kensington. ummmm...he's no king of mine. the doubles (as you can see) are really thick and bready. they taste better cold. warm, they're hard to choke down as they were really dry. the other ones the dotytron used to get for me in etobicoke were way better. those had a super-greasy, deep fried puff of dough folded over a curried chickpea filling, unlike the sandwich technique of the patty king. however, those were great hot, but not so good cold, as they took on a certain distasteful and gummy clamminess. anyway, the patty king specimens are decent for a cold lunch, but they're not going to satiate my need for doubles.

i skipped dodgeball tonight, even though it's the playoffs, because we were playing my brother's team and i didn't want to deal with any potential awkwardness.


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dr. rei said...

those marshies look divine! i can't even imagine the joy that will result from dropping those babies into that thick hot chocolate. (you know how i feel about that hot chocolate).