Friday, December 19, 2008

in the words of the esteemed dotytron...


it's been non-stop snowfall since i left the house this morning...with no end in sight! this is a day for knitting if ever there was one. i've been digging around in my ravelry queue...trying to figure out what i'm going to do next (never-mind that i'm horrifically backlogged and that progress on my nephew's sweater has slowed to a crawl.) hopefully i can drag out the yarn and needles to my various social commitments this weekend and get some work done while i visit.

edit: they closed my work down 2 hours early! i'm writing the remainder of this post from home!

what a nice little treat! now i get to wax my 'stache, make deviled eggs for the dotytron's mater's side of the family's gathering and watch oprah and knit before i have to leave the house again! score! the dotytron's mater's side of the family's gathering, if you recall, is the one where grandpa mistook me for one of the nannies (or vice versa) and was hosted by his aunt and uncle...who are straight out of the 50s - not in the reappropriated, kitschy, pastiche kind of way, but in the ACTUAL nancy and ronald regan/model train set in the basement kind of way. it's pretty awesome. i have a special affinity for that kind of conservativism - a simpler time, when people were a little more erudite and literate, women engaged in the womanly domestic arts, and visible minorities knew their place (JUST KIDDING!) really, i relate to his aunt because she likes to label things and is kind of tightly wound in a similar way to me. plus she seems super-organized - i admire foresight and organization like few other things. she totally looks like nancy regan though. it's a hoot.

so tonight is the party in T & J's honour. last night's dinner was fun but made me sad (which naturally came out as resentment) that T doesn't live in toronto. J and the dotytron gabbed about jazz and they're both such awesome people...i'm mad! add to that that T's best friend, L is moving out to saskatoon to be with her man N, who we also met for the first time last night (we = me and dotytron, the rest of the gang spent a chunk of time out west together.) either's BOGUS that not everyone i love can live within a one hour radius of me. BOGUS!

i made those ever-popular devil's food cupcakes with brown sugar whipped buttercream as my contribution for tonight. tomorrow i'm contributing deviled eggs, white chocolate hazelnut cranberry bars and some peanut butter rice krispie treats. tomorrow morning i'm getting up super early to go out and do some grocery shopping before we head out to the party. we also have our friend's housewarming party tomorrow night. crikey. to that end, i don't think we're going to stay super-late tonight.


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