Tuesday, December 09, 2008

i never said i wasn't crass

you know what had me laughing to myself last night after dodgeball, spicy pho, and an epsom salt bath, spewing cookie crumbs all over my keyboard and into my mug of cold milk? me asking ian about a "va-POO-rizer" (vaporizer). i basically laughed (at my own) (terrible) joke for about an hour. the kind of laughter where you think you have it in check only to explode in a big pooffft as the laugh comes gurgling from inside your belly all the way up and out past your cheeks, puffy from attempts to suppress borne out of shame (at how weak the joke is/was.) the other "joke" (i use the term liberally) that i always find funny is when i get to ask if anyone has seen a C**Tainer for *insert leftover here* i basically lose my s**t, which has the dotytron shaking his head, incredulous that i can find such juvenile humour so endlessly entertaining.

having the dotytron accompany me to pho hung resulted in me getting tainted with his gweilo (chinese for white person - "ghost man")-ness. we got a fork and a western spoon with our pho instead of the chinese (vietnamese?) spoon and my bowl was suspiciously missing some of the gristle and tendon and fat that i had specifically ordered. bogus! i got the special satay add-in for 0.75, which means that my pho was festooned with an incendiary shower of dried chili flakes and chili oil, creating a near impenetrable spicy slick on top that made my lips burn for a couple of hours after. it was perfect for a cold, wintery night, especially coming on the heels of my team's crushing defeat in the finals.

our opponents kind of hated us...for reasons legitimate (we were unbeaten going into the finals) and imagined (they were of the d**k persuasion). they pulled the kind of stuff where they would call us on our outs, but would NEVER walk off the court unless it was the most OBVIOUS hit ever. so there were people getting grazed with balls and deflecting balls onto their own body and sometimes BLATANTLY getting hit with balls that would just stay on the court. it made everything sour because they wouldn't give an inch when we called them on it, but our team totally walked off in every case where there was a dispute, rather than get into an endless shouting match. they were also the kind of team that would call you on technical stuff (holding the ball for longer than 10 minutes), stuff that you usually let slide unless it becomes obscene, but then, would do the same thing, and when you called them on it, would act like giant babies and get all petulant and mock you for doing it. it was very frustrating and super annoying and it sucked to lose in the finals, but mostly it sucked to lose to that team. like, i'm fine if you're going to be a stickler and make us walk off all the time...but you have to give me SOMETHING sometimes and be willing to do the same when we call you on it.

in other news...financial blogs are running my life right now. entertainment, library, technology, miscellaneous, craft, design, home decor, celebrity, food, and knitting blogs are totally getting the shaft in my daily blogroll.

in other other news - i think the presentation went well today. it felt like it was over before i even started. people said i seemed poised and relaxed and not too nervous, which is the desired goal.

tonight, in a nod to nany dotytron, we had rigatoni with rose sauce, topped with the nany-preferred topping of a shower of scallions. we had this with a salad of romaine, nuts, and roasted caramelized pears and a red wine vinaigrette. i also made sugar cookies for the kids in the dotytron's after school program and for him to drop off at the school that he WAS on placement for, before YORK DECIDED TO GO ON THE LONGEST STRIKE OF ALL TIME. i don't even KNOW how this is effing things up for him. i don't know if he's going to be able to apply and qualify for the ontario teachers federation or whatever, i don't know how it's going to affect his job prospects in an increasingly dire job market, i don't know how the summer is going to shape up in light of the fact that this is week 5, they're heading into week 6, with no end in sight.

so i'm officially done all my xmas shopping. i have to get a few small things for the dotytron and that's it. i also have to wrap the presents and mail the holiday cards and then the rest of it is baking and putting together tins for gifts. the problem when you're making candies and stuff though, is figuring out how to time the more volatile ones (like the english toffee). humidity will do a number on it and you can't hold it for very long...maybe i'll just ax that one from the roster this year.

tonight i made the sugar cookies and made a double batch of pie crust and baked off some sweet potatoes for a sweet potato pecan pie. we're having dinner at my former prof's house on friday and i offered to bring dessert...i hope the sweet potato pecan pie is a hit! it's either that or the hazelnut brown butter cake.


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