Thursday, December 18, 2008

feeling faint

so, i did it to myself AGAIN. spent my lunch surfing and simultaneously casting myself into fits of ecstasy/losing my mind in a reverie of unrealistic fantasy wish-fulfillment/anxiety over not striking while the iron is hot and having the market correction in housing prices slip through my fingers. this ALWAYS happens whenever i spend any small amount of time on's like the sweetest home-heroin kiss you can't deny. also, because i've been bad lately and have racked up my line of credit - i won't be back on the saving track until march (when my contract ends, how fortuitous!)

the point is...i'm hoping and crossing my fingers that somehow, somewhere, the dotytron will stumble into a job in this dire market for educational professionals, that my contract gets renewed, that we don't lose our shirts entirely on this performance thing, and that the predictions that things won't start looking up until at least early 2010 are TRUE. please please please let them be true! so many houses on the market right now - most of them are calling my name!

yesterday was so much fun! the hart house buffet makes up in ambiance what it might lack in dizzying cornucopia of basically had 4-5 salads and cold things (cold cuts, etc), a turkey and stuffing entree (a cute little boob of stuffing draped fetchingly with dark and white meat, pre-sauced), roast beef, a fried fish thing, roasted potatoes, and root vegetables. and there were desserts of the bought variety. the great hall is a lovely venue though and it was gorgeous with the mid-afternoon light streaming in through the was a very very very poor wizard's version of hogwarts, but enough of a fascimile for a boarding school-fetishist like myself.

then i went shopping with T which was highly enjoyable. she gives honest opinions and we both have clearly defined personal styles.  i accidentally sabotaged my savings attempts by buying 2 sweaters and a dress (all on sale!!!) but from here on in - it's dedicated paying off debt/socking coin away time. seriously, when did the gap become the best?  i know they're an ailing brand...but i really like what head designer patrick robinson has done.  the clothes are great for work and every day...gone are the cartoony colours and in their stead you have nice, flattering, muted tones and figure flattering cuts.  the problem is the price point, which is why the sales rack beckons me with its preponderance of lovely bits marked down to ameloirate my recession guilt.  i love the sales rack at the gap and i love the fact that because they're an ENORMOUS corporate chain their customer support is exemplary (90s days for a full refund on unworn merchandise!!!  be still my heart!)

after wreaking havoc on the queen west strip T and i headed home with our ghandi's rotis in tow for some couch surfing and gabbing.  she bought me the loveliest, thoughtfulest, completely unexpected xmas presents that made my offering of the xmas cookie tin seem downright scroogelike in comparison.  

i got a pair of cute underwear with a robot printed on them (i wore them today so you'll have to go without a picture), i got this t-shirt, printed with day of the dead type skeletons causing a ruckus:

and i got two lovely balls of b.c. yarn:

so i signed up for twitter two weeks ago - i kind of hate it and don't see the point. K gave me obviouseyes when i told her i wasn't keen on it, accompanied with the dripping-with-sarcasm, "really? really? you don't like twitter? you're not 140 need 3 paragraphs." she's an astute one, that K is. OKAY FINE, IT'S TRUE. 140 CHARACTER IS PALTRY! the stingiest character allowance ever! plus, NOT BEING ABLE TO SEARCH FOR PEOPLE IS SO COUNTERINTUITIVE! like, apparently there are some writers of interest that i'd like to follow who don't happen to be in my email contact list (quelle surprise.) but there's no easy way of finding them unless you know their handle. otherwise, i have to wade through who my friend's friend's friend's are following in the hopes of finding a nugget of gold in a sea of banality. not worth the time investment, in my humble opinion. no no, in the end, i feel like macroblogging of the k. lagerfeld, esquire variety is > than microblogging.

tonight we had dinner with T, her man J, her bff L and L's man N at lil' baci.  

spent the rest of the night wrapping my xmas presents (the ones i've gotten in the mail so far, anyway). i wanted to be more environmentally friendly this year so i went with korean/chinese newspaper with one piece of wrapping paper that i cut up to use for accenting. i d/l an "asian" type font that was cute and printed that on label paper for gift tags. i think they turned out really nice, actually!

in other news: they're calling for 10 centimetres of snow tomorrow!  TEN CM! HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!  


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