Friday, December 05, 2008

exhaustion is setting in...

i'm not sure if i'm just tired, or exceptionally frazzled by what turned out to be a hectic friday with lots of running around (virtual - doing a billion different things and sorting out a trillion different ins and outs and making plans, or if my super tight work trouser socks are doing a constrictive number on my latent varicose veins and monster calves - but i'm DONE...and i still have to go to the yarn store after work, go get kitty litter, and come home, make dinner, and make a double batch of whoopie pies for my dodgeball team to yam as thanks to them for triumphing over my bro's team and thereby allowing me to continue to hold my head up high in the high-stakes game of family feud.

blech.  tonight for dinner we're having fried tilapia fish sammies (breaded in panko), with tartar sauce and sweet potato oven fries.  tasty!  and leftover butter cake with cold milk.

i've also re-jigged the plans for tomorrow.  i called H (mater to baby D) to see if she wanted to hang out at the science centre but she's brokeski at the moment, so we hatched an alternate plan to hang out at my place, eat lunch, and do crafts.  then she came up with an even better plan - she has a membership to the ROM (courtesy of the in-laws) which covers 2 adults and any size litter of cubs to go to the ROM for free!  i'm not sure how it'll go over with the under-5 set...we'll see...but it'll be fun to walk around and gawk at dinosaur bones (only 1% of which actually belong the ROM - the rest are iwo jima'd in with fakes) and ancient egypt stuff and the hall of bats (i think - my niece is kind of terrified of most animal life).  

i don't know how many of you have seen "dexter," but one of the major plot points is that dexter showed the classic serial killer in the making inklings as a child (killing animals, not having feelings, etc - hey, i TOLD you it was pop psychology captain obvious dreck!  don't blame me!) but that his adopted father, a police officer, recognized the warning signs and had dexter on a rigorous program to re-channel his murderous urges (only kill people who "deserve" it) and do things to make him seem less of a suspect and "fit in" more with normal society (ie. have a girlfriend, learn how to blend in and approximate normal human reactions and behaviors).  

so last night i was talking to the roomie and l'army about our friend I's (now) ex-bf.  i was saying that it was good riddance because he was dumb, and of course, the roomie was defending him saying that he wasn't dumb, that we were experiencing him in a different language (he's a native francophone) etc., etc.  so i was telling the dotytron about it this morning as he so generously gave me a ride to work and i saying, "but he IS dumb!" and he was saying, "yeah, but when you say that, you sound like an a**hole," and i go, "but it's not like i'm saying it to be me, it's like making an observation, like 'she has brown hair' - that guy is dumb" and he goes, "but you can't SAY it like that" and i'm like, "why not? he's just not that smart" and he goes, "well, THAT sounds better" me, "what, 'he's just not that smart'?" and he goes, "yes, it doesn't sound as harsh - i'm going to have to train you the way dexter's dad trained dexter" lol!!!!!  so basically, the dotytron has me in his own version of "how to approximate normal people" school.  

anyway, i don't get it.  i don't get flustered when people say that i'm curt, or that i can be brash and that i don't coddle...those to me are observations of the same calibre as "so and so is dumb" which isn't the same as me saying they're incapable of not being dumb...but that's the lot they chose.  like, if you don't read, if you're lacking in perspicacity, it you don't process things in a particularly nuanced, in-depth way...that to me, means you're kind of dumb.  that doesn't mean you're not a GOOD just don't nurture those elements that usually are part and parcel of someone being not dumb.  

i talked to K about it at work.  she contends that because dumb is used so much to cover so many things, that saying "so and so isn't that smart" is actually more mean because then you're actually getting into the nitty gritty of their intelligence in a specific way.  to K, dumb could mean someone is acting dumb, or that the state of being that engendered the dumb classification could be just crappy (ie. "the ttc is dumb.")  the point is...the dude IS dumb.  he's a dude.  like, a dude who's into sports, hanging with his homies, doesn't like having philosophical discussions, doesn't really like to get into emotions, thought the movie "21" was good, loves soundgarden.  like a total DUDE through and through (the kind that thinks that going to the 'rippers is a necessary component of a bachelor party).  to me, dudes are mostly dumb.  that's what i said to l'army and the roomie when they were like, "he's just a dude," i was like, "ummm...guys, dudes are dumb.  i don't really get why we're even talking about this like it's something that's not blatantly obvious."

so far "30 rock" this season is continuing the slight downhill trajectory of season 2.  i'm a little not feeling it.  too much liz and jack and not enough of everyone else!  it's just not super-duper funny and i resent it.  we're still doggedly watching "dexter" even though i find it kind of boring and predictable.  it's mostly the hideously pat pop psychology stuff - and the way they beat you over the head with it.  dexter always says something in his dry monotone and then pauses a beat and follows it up with an even drier, more detached, bon mot that's meant to underscore how not like us he is.  par example, he'll say something like, "thanksgiving is a time when everyone enjoys their family and acts normal" *significant pause* "but, i don't."  *cut scene*
the parts i enjoy the best are when they show flashbacks of teenage dexter, because they make michael c. hall play the same character as a teenager, except he wears this AWFUL wig and does this AWFUL approximation of teenage awkwardness and resentment that almost verges on sketch comedy spoof territory. like, it's so glaringly obvious that he's A GROWN MAN and his acting is so terrible that it seems like a perpetual joke. i kind of love it.

i can't wait to do some knitting tonight...i've taken a break for the past few days but i think getting needles and picking up some yarn at the yarn store will totally invigorate me.

continuity alert here is a pic of dinner:

i could eat tartar sauce by the bucketful. add a slice of processed cheese and it would basically be a homemade filet-o-fish.


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