Saturday, December 20, 2008


so we're bailing on our friends' housewarming party tonight. these are friends we see once a year, maybe? we've already seen them once (had them over for dinner, even!) it would have been a good chance to see the dotytron's former jazz/music crew but really, we (and by "we" i mean: the dotytron, since i can't take responsibility for ALL his socializing) don't make a consistent and concerted effort to keep in touch with those guys. plus, it's already started storming and we're beat from this week of mayhem...and we have the dotytron's pater's family brunch tomorrow AND the dotytron's birthday dinnie.

so i think we're in the clear for bailing.

last night was so much fun! it ended up being a very small group...basically just 8 of us or so (i think the blizzard dissuaded a lot of people) but i much preferred it that way cuz we got a chance to really all talk and catch up instead of splintering off into small groups and mingling. i really really really hate that T-pat & J-mar live in b.c. and i hate that i've just gotten to know L and she's moving to the 'tooner to be with N. bogus. here are some shots from the and my girl:

this is a shot of the group...we call it our indie rock album cover:

so tonight i'm going to prep some stuff for the big trip to the farm (making garlic butter for garlic bread) and maybe prep some stuff for my family's christmas dinner trifle and then kick back in my pjs, do some knitting and watch "the house bunny" which FINALLY came out on dvd (yesssss!!!!) shouts out to the dotytron for indulging me on this one. i owe him, bigtime.


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