Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1 more day!

'til christmas eve! tomorrow is a half day at work...kind of sucky, but i know we're very lucky and fortunate to get a week and a half off paid, so i'm not complaining about working a 1/2 day on christmas eve...especially since i'm not traveling anywhere far...we only have to go about two blocks over to momma and poppa d's house.

more leftovers tonight - boring! i also have to make a pound cake for my family's trifle and bake off the last batches of cookies for the xmas cookie tins, and make the dotytron's family's xmas dinner dessert - it's the caramel pecan upside down banana cake that i've made before. there's only going to be 9 of us, so one cake will still manage to feed us well with some big, fat slices (topped with a drift of whipped cream - but of course.) for xmas morning breakfast me and the dotytron are making huevos rancheros - i'm going to fry off the corn chips tomorrow so they're nice and fresh for xmas morning.

our christmas eve movie is going to be "slumdog millionaire" - i'm pumped! some of the other xmas eve movie choices i've been less than thrilled about - i think i fell asleep during "sideways" (one of the best lines from 30 rock EVER - liz lemon: "i don't see race! remember when i asked that black guy if he had seen sideways?" lol!!!), "volver" was a little too campy for me, i was only semi into "the chronicles of narnia" and its under-handed christian brainwashing, and "the golden compass" was disappointing. i really really really want to see "revolutionary road," and "the curious case of benjamin button," but they're not opening until christmas day. i wouldn't mind seeing "milk" either (franco making out with a guy! hot!) - but i've heard it's pretty hollywood and kind of pedestrian (courtesy of my film friend D at work - we agree about 90% of the time. michel gondry's oeuvre creates some hard core divisiveness, with me falling on the side of con and D falling on the side of pro.) i also really really really want to see "jcvd" and "the wrestler" although i know "the wrestler" is going to tear my heart into a million pieces - just reading the review in entertainment weekly almost broke me - the story of a decent, good man, whose glory has long passed him by, trying to eke out a living in circumstances far beneath the heights and adulation he experienced at the top of his game - TRAGIC. CUE TEARS.

funny things: last night we finally got around to eating this foie gras torchon that was gifted to us by bwong (thanks, bwong!) i warmed up my faux-poilane loaf of bread in the oven and sliced off thin slices and laid it out with the foie, some salted butter, and some fleur de sel. the dotytron was hitting the foie hard, cutting off huge chunks of it and smearing it haphazardly on his toast, so i reprimanded him with a, "DOTYTRON! it's NOT BUTTER!" followed up promptly with, "the butter on the other hand, IS BUTTER" *insert me topping my toast with 1/2 a stick of butter* lol! also, a few weeks back when we were watching "gossip girl" the dotytron unveiled this AMAZ0RZ chuck bass impression. it was hilarious - all squinty eyes and over-enunciated drawl.

"gossip girl" ended winter break on a high note - chuck and blair! chuck and blair! that show totally consumes me. i effin' love it to the stars.

edit: continued posting at 10:00pm tonight the roomie ended up being responsible for dinner. a few months back we were talking about the dotytron and how i gently hen-peck him into doing stuff and kind of run his life for him and how (roomie's opinion) he would probably cook more meals or remember to do stuff (ie. taking out the trash) more if i wasn't around to remind him all the time...basically, that he doesn't bother remembering to do this stuff because i'm so crazy i remember FOR him. the example the roomie used was how she used to cook for herself but now that she lives with us, when we go away, her cooking skills have regressed and she just orders out. so i suggested that once a month, SHE should be responsible for a meal - win-win, right? the roomie resisted MIGHTILY so now, roughly once a month or so, she pays for our takeout and calls it her "cooking." tonight she "cooked" some mamma's pizza for us. i also had wendy's for lunch with c64 (of C&C music factory fame.) my gut! my poor gut!

only 2 more sleeps til xmas!


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