Wednesday, November 26, 2008

wonder of wonders

my mum DIDN'T bail on us last night! she stopped by and picked us up, had me witness something for a client, and then we went to il fornello in the beaches because she had a g/c for $60 that had to be used up.

my mum is the CUTEST. she's probably the most styling lady over 40 that i know personally (her and my current supervisor M are the only two who make the list, but my mum takes more risks than M and is totally unafraid of colour - M's wardrobe consists entirely of black, grey, and white). yesterday my mum was wearing a cute patterned dress in red, black, and white, with a brown swing cardigan, black tights, and ankle boots (not like, club kid ankle boots with a stiletto heel...classy, sensible, cole haans for my mater, thankyouverymuch). and a fur coat. lol! she's so bourgeois! dr. rei and i were talking on sunday as we covetously petted the vintage coats on the rack that neither she nor i see anything wrong with wearing fur. the animals are bred for it! i mean, ideally you would like the animals to be treated humanely...but you hope that in any case...and lots of people i know personally who are against fur see nothing wrong with striding around in leather or suede. ESPECIALLY vintage fur...the animal is dead and long gone...what are you going to do?

in exciting mum's getting a cochlear implant!!!!!!!!! she's trying to figure out whether to do it before or after the performance, as she wants to have hair for it. i don't care what my mum looks like (she keeps her hair super short anyway) as long as she can kinda sorta hear again...she has less than 20% hearing and it's been like that for almost 20 years. the doctors think she might always have been deaf but it's deteriorated to the point where she has less than 20% in one ear and practically nothing in the other. she's super high functioning though and can read lips like nobody's business. but i'd be lying if i said that it wasn't hard and frustrating for us (and i can't even imagine how much for her) to have to yell and rephrase stuff a billion times and remember to speak slowly...or how isolating it can be for her when all my siblings are together and we're going a mile a minute and talking over each other, or not being able to hear her grandkids. she's going to need a lot of support to get over the hump when the implants go in...but i'm so excited for her and she's the toughest lady i know.

she told us all about her ongoing battles on behalf of scarborough and it's so inspiring. she's raised so much money for the scarborough hospital and she really embodies the spirit of the community, grassroots action, and civic engagement. she helped to oust the scarborough hospital board and she works so hard and she's so principled about it...further evidence that i come from a long, long line of s**t disturbers.

we filled her in on the performance details and then she came over and tried on the hairpieces and my new headband...they looked EQUALLY amazing on her. so cute.

il fornello (at least in the beaches) was GROSS. we ordered mussels as an appetizer to share, the server plunked them down on the table, and we talked for 2-3 minutes before trying one. some of them were ICE cold. not even room temperature - literally, straight out of the fridge, cold. and the sauce on top was lukewarm...they had obviously pre-cooked the mussels, heated up a sauce, tossed them all together and dumped them on the plate, without thoroughly warming everything together. it was GROSS. when we flagged down our server, she came to the table and i said, "um, these mussels are cold" and she says, "that's because they've been sitting for a while" which to me, wouldn't be my FIRST go-to response. i would generally go to something like, "oh, i'm sorry, i'll fix that for you" so we just canceled the order. the pizzas were dried and overcooked and looked like they had been made at least a week ago...all in all, it was pretty disgusting. it was also one of those places that smells like bleach when you walk in...i find that really off-putting. i guess it's good in a sense because you know they clean the place but honestly, i'd rather have it smell a little cooked-in than bleach-y. i hate bleach smell.

then we came home and watched the first two episodes of "dexter" it's aight. i don't love it. it's fine. i find it a little heavy-handed with the grade school pop psychology. and the sister is dumb. and the voice over is annoying. i think you can kind of divide the world by the types of shows people are into. there's the "six feet under" crowd (hated it - snoozefest to the MAX), there's "the wire" crew (staunch supporter), the "buffy"/joss whedon camp (ditto), the jj abrams section (niet), etc etc.

we finished "the wire." the last episode is a powerhouse and somehow manages to make up for the complete implausibility of the major story arc for season 5...would have liked to see some favorites like cutty show up...but the wiebe cameo was hype. i can't say enough good things about the show...i'm a sucker for love stories to hulking, dirty, imperfect beasts and the city of baltimore (at least as david simon depicts it) is as fitting a dickensian protagonist as any flesh and blood individual that i befriended over "the wire's" ambitious 5 season run. i really want to own's something i could watch again and again.

tonight i'm working the late shift and then checking out the silent auction for united way hosted by one of the divisions. apparently the raffle every year is for tickets to the super they actually get really good stuff. then i'm doing some grocery shopping, coming home, and doing holiday prep, making dinner, knitting (the usual). i finished my fingerless mitts...if i can get a nice outside shot i'll post them later tonight.

i think for dinner we're taking a page from nany dotytron's book and having pasta with rose sauce and ceasar salad. i'm feeling kind of poochy lately (lots of eating out, not as much cooking) so i'd like to nip that in the bud...especially as we gear up to holiday madness (aka cookie fest). i haven't gone for a run in forever, but dodgeball twice a week is keeping me reasonably trim...i need to step up on the yoga though...not stretching is permanently tightening my muscles (or at least, that's the way it feels).

i'll post pics of dinner later.


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