Wednesday, November 12, 2008

way to not make it easy, world

this performance stuff is kind of annoying. i just want everything to be SETTLED.

some things are: to wit - we've got bwong to cobrasnake us...and i'm pretty sure we can get either k. mullet (that's what the kids in my family call him - but we pronounce it "moo-lay") or this other dude who takes pictures at my grandparents' birthday/anniversary/conspicuous displays of wealth functions to take the standard party shots as well (BOTH of them were at their diamond anniversary and there were two sets of where everyone looked good, the other one that was all glossy and flash-y and made everyone look like sweaty pigs...we OBVIOUSLY have to get to the bottom of who's responsible for which set because while i'm pretty relaxed about the photos, looking like a sweaty digital pig is never okay in my books).

finding a venue is a giant pain in the butt. we're going to see another one next tuesday (dr. rei - you in?) after work and i've called a bunch of other places. the place we're seeing on tuesday is MAD promising and beautiful...BUT! we might have to change the date of the ceremony. no biggie...just kind of annoying cuz we lined up the original performance date with our families' cottage vacation time. yeah yeah, i'm so hard done by. anyway, i obviously want to lock down all the big stuff so that from then it's all the little, not-so-biggie stuff to worry about.

people are totally coming together and being sweethearts. my friend M whom i worked with in pastry at canoe said she'd be happy to help me bake cakes and my old supervisor T has offered to flex her cooking muscles and make sweets. so cute!!! bwong's cobrasnaking, dr. rei's buddy N is probably taking film shots and i basically forced chris64 to dj for us (he said he'd be happy to!). fun!

tonight i'm going to this special library association general meeting schmoozefest. it's being held some place on dundas west and there's going to be a chocolate tasting. it's really so that i can be social and put myself out there professionally. i suspect it's going to be epic amounts of LAME but it's what you have to do when you're part of a profession, right? anyway...i'm going to put my best social shoes on and try to network like a mofo. i'm not sure what networking means. i think it means pretending to be interested in stuff i could care less about with people who don't know anything about pop culture and who either a) think it's okay that beyonce wants us to call her "sasha fierce" now; or b) don't even know about this nomenclature yoke of tyranny that beyonce is trying to impose now that she's the jigga man's bride. SASHA FIERCE!!!!!!! worst. name. ever.


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