Wednesday, November 05, 2008

tentative hope

i was too nervous last night to watch the election stuff. first of all, my mom bailed on me at the last minute for dinner (this is the THIRD TIME she's bailed on me. me! her LEAST favorite child [ironically i'm also the child who bears the most physical resemblance to her - seriously, my mom in the 70s = a seriously stylin' skinnier version of me. she was the definition of gamine]) so i stayed late at work and rode home on my bike (incidentally, i'm quite smitten and enamored of the new bike lanes on wellesley) and made dinner and then had a brief visit with cousin A and his girlfriend E (i effin' love cousin A) and then spent what was left of the night ironing all my washed and dried quilting fabrics and doing some knitting and reading.

we kept periodically checking into npr to see their maps but i was just too anxious that the media had become too cocky in the final days leading up to the election and that the polling information was wrong. i'm too superstitious i think. i'm way too cautious about expressing happiness or rejoicing too much in my good fortune lest my hubris be my downfall and some higher power sees fit to teach me a lesson in fate-derived humility. it's better to just be a little cautious and tentative rather than risk drawing attention to how good i have it.

i cried watching snippets of obama's acceptance speech this morning and i teared up again at work reading the entire transcript. i would give my left nut to meet his speech writers. that's some good quality writing right there and it's supported by what an eloquent and effortless public speaker he is.

i'm worried though. i don't think people get lionized in this day and age without the inevitable fall. we love nothing more than a chubby, disgusting, grasping hanger-on to draw penises on the faces of celebrities (i effin' hate perez hilton) and to catch people and harp on their human foibles and mistakes. i feel like people are going to give obama a very small window before the sharks start circling (in the case of russia...a VERY small window.) i can't imagine how one goes about untangling the mess of the economy and afghanistan and iraq. i'm wondering if this election is going to represent a realignment of the republican party and i'm wondering in which direction they're going to lean - further cement the kook ultra-conservative element or move more towards the middle?

then there's the inevitable zeitgeist x factor. mass movements are unpredictable, capricious things and our attention spans are shorter and more divided than ever.

okay...that's all my worrying for the day.

the best part was watching the wrap-up on cnn this morning and having the commentator say that the part of mccain's concession speech where he talked about this election and the impact it must have for african americans and how america is a country that offers opportunity to all was met with, "tepid applause" lol! it was a very gracious concession speech.

i was feeling kind of glum on monday evening and had a rough day at work. right before bed i opened my email to an email from the roomie's friend P in new york. it was the funniest thing i'd ever read and it totally make my night. it was a total P moment and in the writing, she managed to convey the P-ness of the situation (long story short, she went to an awkward halloween party where she didn't know anyone, most of the girls were dressed like sluts, she dressed up as someone who got stabbed in the back, she starts drinking out of nervousness and social anxiety, the story ends with her eating cat food (dry) by accident). lol!!!

last night i made this baked penne thing. some guanciale in the pan, with a sliced onion, some chopped garlic, and ground beef (last minute addition - took it out of the freezer, threw it in some cold water and shaved away still-frozen pieces with my knife hoping that: a) i wouldn't cut myself and b) that it would defrost and cook quickly in the pan). added sliced mushrooms and two bags of spinach, chopped, and my last litre of reserved tomato basil sauce. cooked up a pot of penne well past al dente (i didn't want the pasta absorbing too much liquid in the baking) and mixed it all together with a container of ricotta cheese and salt and pepper. topped with some grated mozzarella and baked in the oven for a good long time...basically until the mozzarella got all melted and chewy and crispy brown...i LOVE that shiz (see earlier posts extolling the virtues of lasagna edges.)

in other news...i'm no longer on a pay-as-you-go phone. my bro s-dawg put me on this family plan that i'm sharing with killah-C. which means that i'm going to have to retire the phrase: "I'M ON A PAY AS YOU GO!" bellowed into the phone as my customary greeting. i think i also have voice mail?! i don't know if i'm going to pay for that yet. and i get like a thousand texts and unlimited minutes to 5 numbers, one of which is my dear friend in bc which is i can talk to her basically for free now. i don't really know what life is going to be like with basically unlimited minutes. can i handle this change? is this a change i can believe in?

tonight's dinner is going to be leftovers. we have a lot to choose from. there's still pozole, leftover pasta from last night, leftover squash pasta from the previous night. i'm going to make a batch of rice krispie treats for the dotytron's after school guitar class. using stale marshmallows results in a sub-par product but last night's batch (he does the program on wednesdays, thursdays, and fridays) was abominable. i'm never scrimping on buying bulk generic rice krispie cereal again. the name brand stuff is where it's at.

this is last night's dinner:


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