Monday, November 10, 2008

sunday recap

so, saturday night turned out to be a bit of an epic fail that turned around into a giant win through the sheer force of the amazingness of my friends.

bwong came over and we destroyed this:

i kind of overcooked the duck, but other than that, i thought it was pretty tasty, with extra daps going to the potato gratin, which featured slab bacon lardons, thyme, and a good amount of cream. i seared the duck breasts really slowly skin side down on a medium hot cast iron skillet to render the problem is when i flipped them, i cooked them too long on the second side (bogus). i tossed the grapes into the duck fat and threw in a couple of slugs of balsamic vinegar...i thought they turned out really nice.

then we went down into the basement and youtube'd stuff all the live long day. bwong is kind of a youtube impresario. we started watching snooker and billiards (both of which are NOT the same as bumper pool, as i was told by bwong with a slight hint of withering disdain buried in his good-humoured incredulousness at my ignorance) then we progressed to watching gang sign stacking and crip walking. then the roomie and l'army bailed on coming out with us, but offered us a ride to wrongbar. we were TANTALIZINGLY close to calling an audible and bailing on the night but for ONCE! me and the dotytron rallied our inner party and trekked out into the bitter cold to arrive at wrongbar, pay a suspiciously low cover, and find that we had gotten there BEFORE kdubs crew.

we were mostly jubilant and high on the fact that we were out of the house though, so it was already a win. when we found out that dj sega was a no-show (according to A, his mom had a stroke and he couldn't make it...poor guy), it couldn't dampen our spirits (dotytron's slightly drunken spirits) and the arrival of kdubs crew only made things exponentially more awesome. we decided to bail after listening to about an hour of an insufferable dougie boom set (i kind of hate dougie boom) and then we tried getting into a bunch of other bars (the rhino, stone's place, the gladstone, the parkdale drink) before ending up at a pizza pizza at 1am, thumbing through the escort pictures at the back of a now magazine and playing an energized round of "who would you do" and the sexual scenario game (sample question: "could you still be with the dotytron if you found out he had paid for sex?").

it was a lot of laughs and mucho fun. i feel like the company is really what makes nights out lately. we haven't been to that many shows where the music has been so stellar that it destroys you...mainly you go for the company...i mean, i think daft punk was the last sure fire hit of an evening and daft punk comes around like, 1 every 10 years. actually, equinox was a win too. so we've definitely had some good music nights...they're just fewer and farther between.

yesterday we had this for breakfast - sourdough pancakes (made with saved, discarded starter) and bacon. the recipe for the sourdough pancakes i got from the "river cottage family cookbook" - it kind of sucked. the recipe didn't have ANY sugar in it, which is why they didn't really brown up nice in the pan. they had a sturdy texture which i liked, and a faint sourness which was tasty...i think next time i'm going to add a bit of brown sugar to the recipe and they'll turn out fine. i added some sliced bananas because we had them sitting around:

then the dotytron and i biked around and went to see this GIANT house that's for sale. it's kind of great...dead end street, huge lot, garage in the back...but (and it's a big but) - it's a rooming house right now. so it's completely gross with rooms rented by the hour by people who keep all kinds of pets and had been smoking in there (cigarettes, but who knows what else) since pretty much the dawn of time. it was GROSS. AND there was a rooming house right next door. but we definitely saw the potential and the bones of the house and the size and price were great.

yesterday was a BIG day for me in terms of pushing myself socially. after dodgeball (where i played like poop until i got angry, at which point i started playing smarter), i went to a book club meeting started by this girl P, who is the wife of a friend of our friends B & G. her husband, R, me and the dotytron and B & G all went to the same high school (B & G are part of the growing number of peeps from our year at markham high who ended up hooking up after high school was long done). they still rep the high school crew pretty, not so much. anyway, so it's her, her husband, and some other random coworkers and peeps in the group. so we met up and i was kind of proud of myself for not bailing. it should be aight. might be a little n00b alley, but i can't expect EVERYONE i know not to be a n00b. they're nice. they might not have as many levels as i like in my nearest and dearest friends, but not many people can, and that's why they're my nearest and dearest, right?  (note: most of the levels are related to being able to appreciate crip walking and such) 

then i stopped off at my boyfriend's house because his gf had made spaghetti and a bunch of the peeps from dodgeball were going there (a lot of them are long time friends). that was my second brave thing of the day. i went and hung out for a bit and got initiated in the world of WoW (world of warcraft for you n00bs). i was all emboldened because on saturday night i got daps from A's friend J (who's a WoWer) for asking a VERY good question on the WoW universe. i was right chuffed about it. anyway, some of the dudes on my team play and so sharky set me up on his account. i made my avatar. i'm a level one tauren druid. i also completed my first mission. it was kind of hype. the best part is picking your name. i tried "omarion" but that was taken (!). then i tried "spumante bambino" (also taken!). then i went with "bambinonegro" and i got that.

i finally came home to the slow-cooker goodness of tvp and black bean chili, pictured below, with the accoutrements of diced avocado, sour cream, tomatillo salsa, and sliced scallions:

i also made a batch of the no-knead bread with the grape sourdough starter. it needed more time to proof the second time and we were too eager to eat it so we didn't let it cook long enough. it turned out a little dense and under-coloured...but boy does it have an AWESOME sourdough taste! it was a noticeable difference. i used 1/4 c. of my starter in place of the 1/4 t. of instant yeast called for in the recipe. i didn't get a picture of it as i was too busy eating hot, buttered slices as fast as my hands could move bread into my mouth. next time, i'm going to let it proof longer the second time. this might mean that this 24 hour recipe turns into a 30 hour one...but that's what you have to do. i'm also going to start baking some of the breads from nancy silverton's "breads from la brea" bakery. batards, rye, and ficelles, here i come!

we wanted dessert to go with our night of "gossip girl" so i made quick chocolate brownie pudding with walnuts, served with vanilla ice cream:

we watched episode 9 (STILL WITH THE NATE AND LITTLE J STORYLINE?!!!! GROSS X 1000000000000) and then started "atonement." so far it's kind of boring and way too british for me, but we'll probably slog it out some more. there was nothing really we wanted to see (way to go, writer's strike).

today is work, doing some overtime, dodgeball, then either leftovers or picking up some take out on the way home. i went for indian buffet lunch with my friend M at kathmandu. tasty tasty chat papri!  

more importantly, today is 7 years with the dotytron.  seven!!!  more than half a decade!!!!!!!! time has ravaged our once youthful looks but other than that...things seems to still be chugging along...he's kind of the best.  at least for a little bambinonegro like myself.


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