Thursday, November 27, 2008

subway encounters...

and a run-in with a skeezeball from the united way (!!!!!)

i have no pictures of last night's dinner to show you because i ended up coralling the dotytron into going to sushi delight with me. this was because i ended up going to that silent auction. it was a little awkward. because of the way the library is set up...we don't really get to meet a lot of people outside of our division through the course of our day, so i didn't really know anyone and didn't have anyone to go with. i went with some of our researchers across the street whom i don't know very well...the silent auction was super crowded with $2 martinis but not a lot of food. i bought a $20 raffle ticket to win super bowl tickets, or a GIANT barrel of various scotches, or a weekend getaway.

as i was moving among the tables, this dude intercepted me (he was a man-dude, not a boy-dude) and enthusiastically shook my hand. he asked me what i did, how long i'd been working here, the usual pleasantries. seeing that he was wearing a visitor's pass, i asked him who he was with, and he replied, "oh, i'm one of the paid representatives of the united way, but i just have to tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous" *still shaking my hand* i gingerly extricated my hand from his grasp and demurely demurred. then he talked about his wife (!!!!!) but left me with the parting words that i was "absolutely beautiful" and that maybe he'd see me near the end of the night (!!!!!) gross!!! anyway, i dip-setted out of there after half an hour of being crushed in a throng of semi-drunk political staff. too much loud talking!

then on the subway on the way home, i pulled out my knitting. across from me was a lady of considerable girth (i say this without judgement) who was wearing a rainbow scarft, a jean skirt refashioned from a pair of pants, old lady sandals (the geriatric version of birkenstocks), and those construction worker socks (the kind they make sock monkeys out of), with a rather beatific look upon her face. she commented on my yarn and we struck up a conversation about doing crafty stuff. she said that she wanted to get into knitting, being an already accomplished knitter, even though thus far she had "only made costumes for my medieval live action role play - you know, tudor skirts, armored breastplates" which to me begs the question -what is it about medieval live action role play that seems to attract a disproportionately high ratio of people of considerable girth? again, i say this without's an observation about which i'm rather curious.

the next subway story i recount fully loaded with judgement. the other morning, i entered a crowded, close, belligerent subway train and stood close to a gentleman who didn't look like he was in reduced circumstances (from the surface and to my untrained eye). he then took out of his pocket, what appeared to be a handful of fish scales (they were round and vaguely translucent but weathered - almost like fingernails) and dumped them on the floor of the subway. the whole place then started to stink like dried fish - the thing with smells in the train is, that the close quarters and all the bodies really result in smells being amplified and there's nowhere you can go for a breather. the poor lady seated next time was trying to delicately hold her nose in an ubtrusive way). then, he STUCK A FISH SCALE THING UP HIS NOSTRIL. at which point, the train spit me out at my desired stop. the endless indignities of ttc transportation know no bounds.

these are my fingerless mitts (fashion show backdrop courtesy of sushi delight). they're fantastico! first time cabling worked out pretty well...there's a small slip in the left hand mitt (the one i'm covering up). i like wearing them on my walks to and from the subway (no more fumbling with a billion things while grabbing a token) and while i'm grocery shopping. they'll also be nice in the cold gym when i'm warming up for dodgeball. i think i still need a pair of thrummed mittens for the dead of winter when my fingie tips have to be protected...but i really love these:

tonight we're going to the scarborough hospital general meeting to support my mom and possibly cause some s**t. another meal at the food court tonight at scarborough town. our regularly scheduled healthy, home-cooked food chronicles will resume tomorrow.


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