Monday, November 24, 2008

somtimes it gets all jumbled up in my head

readers of the fairer sex might be able to commiserate with me here, or perhaps see themselves (during their weaker moments) in the story about to be regaled. friday nights are always a little stressful if we're doing stuff. i did some grocery shopping, dropped off pants to get re-hemmed, picked up dry-cleaning, and then had to get home and shake off work-brain before heading out with the dotytron to meet A & C for dinner. doing this all when it's dark and bitter cold outside only conspires to make one veer a little too close to grumpytown.

anyway, i was giving the dotytron (i'm the social convener in the relationship) the run down of what we had on deck for the weekend. ie. "okay, saturday you're going to work, i'm getting my hair cut, and then i'm meeting dr. rei and doing vintage shopping, and then tomorrow night is my boyfriend's party" to which he responded, "just a head's up i might bail on that" to which i responded with BARELY CHECKED AND POORLY CONCEALED RAGE, "why?!? that's ridiculous! i go with you places i don't want to go to all the time!!!" to which he responded, "i don't want you to go places with me if you're not going to have fun" to which i responded (my voice starting to escalate and reach dangerous levels of fury/hysteria): "but i do it because it's important to YOU! *insert examples of me going to jazz shows* to which he responded, "you're dancing around the issue here, the point is, if i don't feel like it, i won't go" and then we argued about it for a good five minutes with me getting more and more shrill and acerbic and frantic. meanwhile, did i mention that this ENTIRE exchange transpired while he was fiddling on my computer and i was on a yoga mat at his feet doing crunches? ANGRY crunches?!? so really, it played out more with me, hissing/yelling at him with my hands at my ears as i used my core to raise myself. finally he said, "look, do you just want me to go because you want me there?" and i huffily said, "yes!" at which point he said, "then why don't you just SAY that instead of acting like a freakazoid?" lol. it's a good thing that the dotytron knows what's really going on in my tornado dustball brain sometimes. the best part of the story is me doing the angry crunches.

yesterday was fun! after doing some online research i ended up going back and getting a feathered headband from that one store as my performance headpiece. i'm going to get a birdcage veil and jerry-rig the two together. while there, i picked up another hat consisting of a coiled piece of's very 40s and absolutely delicious and i impulse-bought that too. i'm wearing it at work today and i've gotten some strange looks but vocal admiration. i'm rocking an "intrepid girl reporter" look. grey wool pencil skirt, high waisted, with a white button down shirt tucked in, fishnets, black semi-pointy flats and the hairpiece. i haven't washed my hair since S cut's so straight and sleek that i'm loathe to mess it up. after the dodgeball double-header tonight methinks i won't have a choice. i'll post a pic of the headpiece's adorable and i'm kind of obsessed with it.

dinner at C & C music factory's place was awesome. we ate delicious ribs and sweet potato fries, and a salad with a yummy mustardy vinaigrette. my rosemary olive oil bread turned out very tasty...i burned the bottom of the loaf that was sitting on my clay pizza stone on the bottom of my oven...i think next time i'll put the stone on the lowest rack and try it again. i baked the second loaf in my enameled dutch oven and it turned out splendidly. the crumb was a little tighter and it had a less noticeable sour taste...i think next time i'll up the rosemary or top it with some thinly sliced potato (i love potato bread!). it was delicious served warm and slathered with salted butter.

here is a picture of the sweet potato pecan pie we had for dessert. i effin' LOVE this pie.

in further tales of how my little nephew is sis told me that the little dude (who's 2!) started tearing up watching "wall*e" on dvd!!! so cute!!! he's such a sensitive, little lumbering oaf. he's a sturdy, rough'n'tumble bobbin who loves nothing more than roughhousing and playing catch, but at the same time, freaks out and is inconsolable if there's a bug in the car. as the dotytron put it, the kid will eat sand, sneeze it out, get covered in grime, and then five minutes later realize what a filthpig he is and then be fastidiously concerned with how "messy" he got, gingerly picking at his shirt in a feeble attempt to clean himself up and repeating, "messy, mama, messy!"

tonight i played a dodgeball double header and then went to my boyfriend's house with some of the team for foods. we picked up food from this place george's (across from bathurst station). i won a bet!!! i ate two hamburgers and a quarter chicken and my boyfriend paid for my meal in exchange. i was getting a little shook for a bit but by the end of the second burger (i did burger then chicken then cheeseburger) i was fine. beyond fine. i was able to eat dessert...wasn't even fazed. i made a pineapple upside down cake (because i do those kinds of things) and managed to replicate the handsomeness of the one i made for dr. rei. homely pineapple upside down cakes appear to have been banished from my domicile! the best was that just after striking the bet, the dotytron (who came and played with us) and i were walking side by side, and i was sussing out just what i had signed myself up for (ie. "well, it can't be that bad, if the burgers are the size of big macs, it's over...i've got this one in the bag") at which point he turned to me under the shelter of our giant golf umbrella and said, sweet and low, "i love you so much right now" lol!

i increasingly feel foolish submitting an xmas list to the dotytron's mater and pater. i just feel like i'm pushing's kind of ridiculous and these dire economic times call for fiscal restraint, belt-tightening, and rejoicing in the simple pleasures of communion with loved ones around a table heaped with a bounty for which we are grateful. anyway, i don't think forgoing presents is going to fly, but i figure it's worth a good ol' college try every year. i think the only thing that's going to stop the xmas morning calvacade of prezzies is me and the dotytron popping out a bambino...and then all the love will go in that direction.

apparently, i've been told that i'm difficult to shop for. this to me seems outrageous. i have SO MANY HOBBIES! how can someone find ME difficult to shop for? i'm crafty (knitting, quilting), have a keen interest in most art forms (books, film, art-art, music), i cook (cooks have oodles of toys and could always use more - more knives, more heatproof rubber spatulas, a glass pyrex 4 cup measuring cup) and love novelty items. you can't really go wrong. granted, i'm not the best recipient for clothing or anything that smacks too much of personal style and whatnot (ie...home decor items and dresses are probably not the best ideas) since i'm VERY particular about personal aesthetics, but other than that i think i'm pretty easy. a lobster claw harmonica would send me over the moon! this year's list ranged from the prosaic (pint glasses, a subscription to "gourmet" and a subscription to "food and wine") to the random (an antique globe with the stipulation "must have ussr" - the way the world should be! -), some of those prints i posted a while back, oval frames for said prints, and antique letters (like, typography or from old signs, not like handwritten missives).

finally, take a look at this spectacular fiber optic installation by bruce munro:



Chris said...

That's funny. I just got myself a subscription to Food & Wine as part of my effort to bring out my inner Lagerfeld in the kitchen.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

food and wine is the BEST. really accessible recipes that are still interesting - gourmet can get a little esoteric sometimes but is good for regional tips and the non-recipe food writing. bon appetit isn't even worth picking up.

Chris said...

Cool. I made these great po' boy sandwiches out of the last F&W issue, plus roasted pesto veggies and creme fraiche mashed potatoes as part of a turkey dinner. Does your sweet potato pecan pie recipe come from the Dinosaur restaurant or elsewhere?

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

it's from the dinosaur cookbook...i don't change a thing, although i could probably make it a little less sweet.