Thursday, November 06, 2008


i have to admit to feeling a little overwhelmed lately.  each spare minute of my day is accounted for, and the looming spectre of the holiday season isn't doing anything to assuage the rising tide of anxiety i'm keeping at bay with a hairsbreadth levy of sheer will.  

then i come home and i want to knit and work on my quilt and do yoga and make dinner and plan the performance and socialize and keep on top of house stuff and catch up on my feeds and maybe do a bit of work stuff and read and get ready for the holidays and unwind but there's just no time! i'm kind of freaking out about christmas already.  that's weird and neurotic and waaaay too ocd, i know, but i can't help it!  i feel like i should be doing some more canning and preserving and have my cookie doughs already frozen up already.  i'm going bucktown for no reason though.  somewhere, deep down, in the small, rational part of me that still has some autonomy against my own perfectionism, i know this.  but it's almost the middle of november, people!!!!!!  handmade gifts don't make themselves!!!

probably adding to the stress was finding out that the spot we wanted our performance cocktails and passed appetizer party-to-be has gone down in flames (or something).  we wanted to use coca tapas bar.  if you go to the website (*edit, i just checked the website and now it's completely DOWN), details are sketchy and there's this ominous message: "our server has been sketchy ever since the break-up, if you need to contact coca please email [insert chef nathan isberg's gmail address]"  every time i tried calling them (during the day and during service), the phone went directly to voice mail.  there were rumours on chowhound that the chef (who also co-owned czehoski's) had split with czehoski but was keeping coca, and then the rumours mutated that he had in fact split with both properties and is going to be running the food and beverage side of the berkeley church now.  totally stressful!  i think places book up like wildfire and i've been heart set on doing the tapas and cocktails thing for a long time.  plus the food was good.  good food is SUPER important to me and not something i'm willing to compromise on.  

so i've been scrambling like a mofo ever since coca started to act all shifty and avoiding like a shoplifting teenager.  in my mad web-survey, i brainstormed globe bistro.  we've had brunch there before and it looks like their private dining set up is actually a lot better designed and a much bigger space than coca's anyway.  they also seem to have a pretty professional operation set up and access to a grand outdoor patio.  they can do seated for 60, so i think cocktails for 80ish should be totally doable, and super-spacious.  plus they have an entire wall of banquette seating which gives the older folks some options.  

anyway, it's our anniversary on monday (SEVEN YEARS! what tha-?!?) and since we don't have the money to spend $400+ on the tasting menu at splendido at the moment (which was first on our restaurant-to-try hit list) we're going to do two smaller, cheaper meals instead.  i definitely want to try the dinner menu at a place before subjecting our nearest and dearest friends and family to their cooking so we made dinner resos for globe bistro tomorrow night.  then we can possibly tour the private dining facilities and get a sense of the layout and whatnot too.  

i hope it works!  if it is halfway decent i'm ready to throw down the deposit right then and there. then i just have to worry about them going out of business in the next nine months.  i love repping the east side, there's green P parking behind the place, it's closer to the site of the performance, and it's close to home...those are all huge selling points.  

if it doesn't...i have one more potential spot and then i'm all out of ideas.  

tonight i kept it simple with paninis and salad.  the paninis had roasted pepper, artichoke hearts, and grated fontina (danish).  the salad was radicchio, fennel, some parsley, orange segments, the juices of the oranges squeezed in, lemon juice, salt and pepper and olive oil.  i'm going to yoga tonight come hell or high water because i'm stiff as a mofo and i'm trying to combat fat little weirdo syndrome (this war is being waged kind of half-a**edly and intermittently, considering i ate 4 new york times chocolate chip cookies right before bed last night).  then i'm going to knit and watch gossip girl episode 9 and tonight's taped episode of 30 rock.

omg!!!!!!!! we watched episode 8 last night.  *spoiler alert*

WHY CAN'T CHUCK AND BLAIR JUST BE TOGETHER!!!  they're so meant for each other!!! they're so prickly and they give off sparks like crazy!  crazy sparks!!!  like, bonfire in a rayon factory incendiary blaze!  and can i also say...JENNY HUMPHREY IS A TART!  and NATE KISSING HER IS DISGUSTING FOR MANY REASONS, NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH IS THAT SHE'S 15!!!  on the show AND in real life!  GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!  worst romantic subplot of all time.  plus she's a spoiled brat and i don't think she's talented.  yes, even as an imaginary, scripted television show designer.  how are we supposed to believe that "little j" is some kind of fashion prodigy?!?  i'm not buying it.    

here's a shot of tonight's dinner.

and finally, as some eye candy, here are some prints i'm kind of obsessed with: 

final parting words of wisdom: don't ever, ever, EVER underestimate the aesthetic lyricism of a barn owl in a colonel sanders' string tie.


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