Friday, November 21, 2008


okay, i'm currently OBSESSED with bb dakota clothes.  the clothes are so me! contemporary, classic cuts with little details that put each piece over the top. some gentle retro references and bold colours.  the stuff is perfect for work or recreational...i'd buy the whole line if i could and the pieces are SUPER affordable. like, ridiculously so...$70 for a dress, $80 for a jacket and the quality of the clothes is top notch...unlike places like urban outfitters, where you're paying $160 for a lux dress that's the thinnest possible material and is already falling apart at the seams.  anyway, i'm currently lusting after the following:

the red jacket is probably highest on my priority list...i just think it looks so smart and would be great paired with jeans or a skirt and tights.

i think it's time to upgrade my "practical" everyday winter these two from spiewak are on my short list...i can't decide. i love spiewak coats because like carhartt, they started off making industrial/work clothes before stealing the urban clothing market. my last spiewak coat fit fantastically...great cut, simple, nice, slim lines, and lasted me from 2002. so i've narrowed it down to these two:

i like the toggle detail on the second one, and when buying an everyday winter coat your natural instinct is to go with black, but i like the more streamlined style of the first, i love the colour (still an easily matchable neutral) and i love the slight fishtail at the back. decisions!

then there's the part of me that wants to go completely frivolous and add to my mountain of nice, lady coats with these numbers:

the first one is also in the running to be an everyday coat IF IT WASN'T SOLD OUT...GRRRRRRRRR...i like sweatshirt cuffs and collars on coats because they're soft and cozy and keep a tight seal to block out wind. the first one is made by lambretta, which is this uk company that like other uk companies (fred perry and ben sherman, i'm looking in your direction) has a tendency to get a little too high on its' own uk juice sometimes (ie. too many mod/scooter/hail britannia references). the second one i love for the vintage styling and for the eye-popping, rich colour, and we all know that i love me a dramatic collar like few other things in life, but i feel like it's a little too typical, and i need a new trench like a need a hold in my head. i've got my houndstooth sarah jessica parker bitten one ($8!!!), a black one, and a long, black plaid ben sherman one. in other news, i'm kind of heartbroken that steve and barry's, the chain that houses sarah jessica parker's line and is the dotytron's preferred source for starbury $20 sneakers and novelty tshirts, is liquidating. boooooooooooooo. i loved the cheap tshirts and clothes there. and allow me to repeat EIGHT DOLLAR JACKET!

i'm going shopping with dr. rei this weekend. i want to stock up on grandpa cardigans and basics and hopefully some casual clothes because my weekend wardrobe is suffering from two years spent cultivating work outfits...really, though, i need a new pair of black pants for work as MY OTHER ONES SHRUNK IN THE WASH. so frustrating!!! i spent a good chunk of money on 'em now they're too short. i'm taking them to the tailors tonight to see if they can let down the hem. i'm nearly as fastidious about the length of my pants as i am about the cleanliness of my green bin. i like my pants to just barely graze the floor (maybe 1-2mm of clearance, if that) with just a bit of shoe peeking out (like raver pants). that's why i could never really get behind skinny jeans...the inevitable bunching at the ankle kind of grieves my soul. i love the line of a flared, trouser cut pant just skimming the floor, although i can appreciate how patrician and crisp lean pants look tucked into a pair of boots. i'm currently keeping an eagle eye on these vintage boots:
aren't they divine? i had to ask the seller to check the circumference of the shaft because my calves are MONSTROUS. seriously, i measured them last night...14.5" around. i'm worried about the slipperiness of the soles though. i used to only want slouchy suede boots but i've gradually come around to the appeal of leather (or leather-looking boots). these steve maddens are on my short list for a black pair (again, people have complained about them being really slippery):

finally, i'm kind of in love with this sweater, but i'm worried it's a little mumsy looking:

in other news...i've signed up for gwyneth paltrow's ridiculously named GOOP newsletters. i can't really express how dripping with patronizing faux-plebian, "it's just us girls chatting" privilege they are or how painfully oblivious she is, so i'm going to leave it to the fantastic girls at gofugyourself to do the work for me:

"I don't know if any of you have signed up for Gwyneth Paltrow's new lifestyle newsletters on her hideously named Web site, GOOP, but they are hilarious in ways that I do not think she intended them to be. They're all basically about how she is pretty sure she's really interesting and has a lot to teach -- Martha Stewart crossed with Oprah's Favorite Things, multiplied by that random friend you have who won't let you finish your stories before she tries to interrupt and one-up you with her more profound experiences. They come out every week, and tell us all about how to "nourish what is real" by eating non-dairy buckweat pancakes, staying slim (summary: do not eat anything white), clothing ourselves (save money by wearing your $1200 Louboutin shoes with a Topshop dress!), and buying "off the beaten track" kitchen stuff from... Williams-Sonoma. "

in other other news...i find it hard to express how BAD "top chef" season 5 is. they're in NYC, american food mecca and the contestants (even the ones they're trying really hard to show have skills) are TERRIBLE. like, worse than anything i've seen in my years in the kitchen. also, "30 rock" has also been kind of uneven. too much liz and jack, not enough of everyone else.

tonight we're having dinner with A & C at the black hoof on dundas west. it's a charcuterie placed opened up by this dude i worked with at canoe. i'm pumped for the company, cured meats, and cheeses. it's been getting rave reviews (but that might be due to the charcuterie zeitgeist right now), so i'm excited to see what kind of yummy business is in store.

i'll post a full review with pics tomorrow.


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c said...

i LOVE the blue jacket!

also, i wouldn't worry to much about the circumference of the boot, you could always get them stretched. they are BEAUTIFUL!

looking forward to dinner tonight.