Saturday, November 29, 2008

never again!

she says, unconvincingly. so...i started doing stuff at 9:30am and didn't stop doing stuff until 2:45pm. and now i feel like my weekend is half gone and i can see the spectre of work peering at me from over sunday evening's shoulder. BUNK! i got a lot done though. i made a batch of tomato sauce, i made stuffed eggplant, i made meatballs out of leftover eggplant stuffing, i made 120 crostinis (for the open house), i made dilled cream cheese (for the open house - to be smeared on said crostinis and then topped with smoked salmon), i made steamed asparagus spears (for the open house - to be wrapped with proscuitto), a batch of basil aioli (for the open house, to be the dip for said proscuitto wrapped asparagus). i started two rosemary olive oil loaves which i'm going to top with sliced potato tomorrow before they go into the oven.  i did about a billion loads of dishes, mopped the floor, scrubbed the oven, and finally, i made a batch of red velvet cupcakes for the birthday happenings tonight with kdubsguelph. this is what they look like:

i didn't add as much red food colouring as the recipe they're kind of a weird, dusty, faded red, as opposed to the sturdy brick red that traditional red velvet cake should be. i decorated them with an enthusiasm that waned quickly, as i realized anew how much i'm not one for fussy cake decorating (as is obvious by my clear lack of skills in that department).

then i gabbed on the phone with my friend T from of only THREE friends i came out of undergrad with (I in montreal, and the roomie being the other two). she's coming to visit in december and i'm all in a tizzy over it. AND she's bringing her man, J! i've only hung with him over an evening almost 5 years ago when i went out to b.c...they'd only been seeing each other for a few weeks at that point. then i talked to G and M from work to see how life is with their new (adorable) bambinos. my friends have the cutest babies. i don't know how they do it, but they do!

tonight we're going to play whirlyball with the kdubsguelph crew for S and C's combined birthday. then a massimo's pizza dinnie chez A & C, then maybe going to peep never forgive action at the drake underground, or staying in to overshare and laugh our butts off and watch squirting videos. either way, parker lewis can't lose.  i'm so pumped!!!!!!!  i'm in complete denial about the things i technically have on my plate for tomorrow.  


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