Monday, November 03, 2008


the pms monster struck swift and hard yesterday...i had this weird mood/activity fluctuation where i ran all the way the yarn store, went to an open house, went grocery shopping and then flounced around lethargic for the rest of the evening and moped with occassional forays to the basement to disturb the dotytron doing homework with repeated, insistent declarations to the effect of, "i'm sad"  *significant pause waiting for a response that doesn't come* *cough* "I'M SAD" "nobody likes me"  "life is but a walking shadow" etc etc

this was after i ate this for breakfast:

i made this for dinner.  i scrapped the fennel/orange salad in favour of steamed green beans tossed with the last of the chimichurri.

i also caught "the breakup" on the women's channel and got sucked into watching that as part of my inactive/guilty pleasure/vacant eye candy. kind of totally sucks.  you expect a comedy (based on the previews and the premise and the casting) but it's actually a very dark, depressing, rote look at two people breaking up.  it did have the unintended consequence of adding a layer of nuance to my feeble attempts to get the dotytron to take pity on me and pay me some attention, in the form of me accusing him (completely arbitrarily) of "taking me for granted" in tandem with a list of said ways in which he takes me for granted, a good portion of which i cribbed from jennifer aniston's laundry list from the movie.  

i did manage to rouse myself from my torpor enough to hide my pajamas in a giant overcoat and drag myself to the nearest blockbuster, where i indulged in another movie that i knew the dotytron would never watch with me (he went to visit our friend A after dinner), "definitely maybe" or some shiat. > it stars ryan reynolds telling his precocious daughter this weird story about his bildungsroman journey into adulthood with the clinton presidency in the background (!!!) where his daughter has to guess which of the misnamed characters turns out to be her mother (!!!) i know, really weird, right? and seriously...i think it's a little too early to feel nostalgia for the clinton administration. or maybe it's just me. the backdrop of the politics just seemed a little too forced. not enough time has passed where re-watching snippets of the impeachment confessions can conjure the same reverberations of shared collective unconscious experience that say, buffalo springfield's "for what it's worth" can do for the 60s (or a simulacra of the 60s). anyway, i didn't really care and it was kind of boring but feature rachel weisz who i tend to find impossibly alluring.

also, my dodgeball game was canceled tonight. without warning. we showed up at the gym only to find that the gym was closed because they were painting the school (on a monday night?!) so i walked my butt all the way to landsdowne and bloor for nothing. then i came home and ate panzerottoes with my brother and made fun of the cbc. so it was a good night. my bro did this pretty good impression of what we think that heavily hyped drama "the border" is about (in our heads, it's about a booth on the queenston-lewiston bridge and features a solid hour of a bored customs official thumbing through passports and delivering scintillating dialogue such as: "how long were you visiting. any cigarettes. how much did you spend." and variations thereof.) my brother had the good idea that the cbc should actually PAY HIM to watch the cbc and then broadcast him making fun of it. i think it would definitely be a ratings success and controversial to boot. totally po-mo.


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