Friday, November 28, 2008

friday i'm in love

p-u-m-p-e-d for friday business, sons! this weekend is a busy one and it all starts now with some minimal holiday prep and maximal hanging out and enjoying a roomie-less house (we do love her, but sometimes it's nice to have the run of the apartment) with the dotytron.

healthy eating night is commencing with a not-so-textbook entree of nachos! fried corn chips topped with melted cheddar cheese and chopped scallions and served with sour cream, roasted spicy tomatillo salsa, guacamole, and refried beans. if i get EXTRA ambitious tonight i might make us some homemade sugar cookies to be enjoyed with a cold glass of milk. or maybe i'll bake off some of the cookie balls i've got frozen. i've had a hankering for cookies and milk ALL week. something about winter and xmas around the corner cries out for cookies and milk with an unremitting insistence that must be heeded.

i'm going to start 2 more loaves of rosemary olive oil bread (with sliced potato on top this time) and make some pecan shortbread and the aforementioned sugar cookie dough (the dotytron's kids this year are getting sugar cookie cutouts decorated with some of the swag in that tin i got from M and L for my birthday).

then i'm going to ease up hard and kick back with the dotytron and watch gossip girl and knit and eat cookies and milk and be happy together. bliss!!!

in other news...north 44 catering is run by a bunch of jackals (or some other disorganized animal equivalent). i called them way early in the month and spoke to someone and asked for a quote. she said she remembered me from my time there and would send me a menu. flash forward three weeks, i call again to see what's going on, and in my customarily polite way am EXTRA nice and apologetic, "i realize this is a bad time for you with the holidays coming up, so if you want me to call back in the new year..." etc. then she says, "ummm...who is this?" [after i introduced myself with my full name] so i repeated myself and she goes, "ohhhhh...yes, yes. ummm...we're actually having a computer problem right now so i can't access your file, can i get back to you later today?" so i say sure. she doesn't get back to me later that day, but the NEXT day, i get an email with her "proposal" which consists of 8 hors (some of which are truly lame - bread sticks with grated parm; asian glass noodles with thai spicy sauce; water chestnut potstickers with spicy soy) for $89.95/person. EIGHTY NINE NINETY FIVE per person for EIGHT APPETIZERS! SOME OF WHICH HAVE A FOOD COST THAT'S PRACTICALLY NEGATIVE. plus $275 EACH for 2 chefs (meanwhile, when i used to work caterings for them, at the end of a 17 hour day i walked out with $120) plus rentals and waitstaff (which are technically provided by our venue). what a gank!

so i've contacted jamie kennedy catering and two of the preferred caterers for our venue. if we go with someone that ISN'T on the richmond's preferred caterer list, we get charged 15% on top of the final catering bill (as A said, that's some mafioso s**t). everyone else has told me that $75/person for hors is insane. now, don't get me wrong...we got no problem paying. we're doing cocktails because we think it's more fun to mingle and you get to try more ish and the standard roast-beef-or-chicken-with-three-potatoes-and-mixed-veg isn't our style. so we're not doing passed apps and cocktails as a budget measure. jamie kennedy sent me a quote for $40/per person for hors d'oeuvres and 3 courses, just to give you an idea. anyway, one of the preferred caterers got back to me with a list of hors that's SIX PAGES LONG and was super on the ball and super nice and super helpful. so right now i'm leaning towards her. i've got calls in to thuet catering as well, and we'll see what jamie kennedy catering shoots back at me...but so far...SIX PAGES OF POSSIBLE HORS! and a lot of them sound really good and thanks to my catering experience...i have a fair idea of what food costs are like and what i'm getting for my dollar.

i'll post pics of dinner later. i'm so excited to be home i feel like i might asplode!


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