Friday, November 14, 2008


even though this week was a short week, what with the mid-week breather in the form of remembrance day, i'm still feeling my regular friday-in-the-winter exhaustion.  i'm so ready to be home right now!  i can't wait to shed the layers of groceries, work clothes, and preoccupation with the work i still have to do and slip into some weekend.  

we're supposed to go to a party with dr. rei's high school hamilton cronies tonight but as of right now, that's looking a little unlikely.  we'll see how i feel after some dinner and getting rid of the FOREST on my upper lip (way to let yourself go, lagerfeld) and some reclining.  the dotytron has to get up wicked early to work tomorrow so that's also making things lean on the side of nay.  

for dinner we're having a mildly curried butternut squash and apple soup (made by the dotytron, per my directions) with that toasted focaccia cheddar and onion sammy.  i'm also going to start another loaf of no knead bread.  

last night we had our friend S over and we're sitting on the couch and my nose starts wrinkling (i'm pretty sensitive to smells) and i thought either S or the roomie had some rank-a** foot odor going on.  i would get intermittent wafts of it.  finally, i was like, "somebody has stinky feet" and we all did spot checks until i realized that the real culprit were my STARTERS sitting on the counter with their lids off, as i'd gotten distracted in the midst of giving them a feeding.   

i hope this stupid york university strike doesn't last too long.  i think the union is being patently ridiculous.  OF COURSE you shouldn't be able to live on a graduate assistant's salary!!!  when i did my half-hearted m.a. studies there, i was a grad assistant too...i got paid $8,000 (EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS) for 10 (TEN!) hours of work a week (usually transcribing interviews, photocopying for a prof, etc) from SEPTEMBER TO APRIL  (the school term).  it worked out to $25/hour (give or take).  that's pretty decent, if you ask me.  also, the whole "they teach half the courses but make less than the professors make" is a ridiculous statement.  professors are PUBLISHING!  RESEARCHING!  writing books!  TAs in the humanities don't have to do much more than gaze at their navels and wear SNFW and go through the motions of "discipline and punish" by numbers!  

it has been nice to have the dotytron at home.  i'm beginning to see the appeal of letting him fulfil his dream of stay-at-home dad/perpetual student/musician.  he does all the vacuuming (we've been vacuuming EVERY DAY due to the flea situation), laundry, i can leave him a list of stuff to do and expect it to be done and he does all the small errands and stuff (picking up cat food, etc.)  i quite like it.  

we jerry-rigged a flea trap from something we read on the internet.  basically a light bulb over a shallow dish of water mixed with dish soap.  you leave it on overnight in an otherwise dark room and the fleas jump towards the warmth and then drown.  apparently this is the worst flea season in years and years (according to the dude at the pet store).  i'm just thankful we don't have an infestation on our hands.  each morning when i check the flea trap we only have 1 lonely little flea caught up in death's sweet embrace.  reading people's accounts on the internet makes you very grateful that ours is pretty contained.  

another thing that adds to the allure of home is starting a new knitting project for me....a set of fingerless mitts, involving a new skill - making cables.  i ended up frogging (unravelling) the thrummed mittens....they were just too ginormous.  i pulled out the thrums to make myself another pair in the future, with smaller thrums so that the mittens are more manageabley sized. i do want a pair of warm mittens so i'm going to get right on that.  i'm also churning out xmas prezzies at a pleasing rate...i'm making a bunch of the same thing to give away.   i know nice, individualized presents would be much better, but i do have to use some fordist logic here and rely on some automation...economy of scale and efficiency and whatnot. 


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