Saturday, November 01, 2008

dia de los muertos!!

the gang: tillers, jen, lisa (steph's scottish friend), steph, dotytron, me)

last night was so much fun!  more the company as opposed to the actual night.  the djs were horrible.  like, terrible.  couldn't mix, didn't know how to beatmatch, how to bring in a tune, how long to play it for, how to program a was deplorable.  but other peeps were EATING THAT S**T UP!  it was kind of weird and disheartening how easily appeased the crowd was.  they played the ENTIRE mj "thriller" video, but played like, 2 seconds of 20 billion hip hop tunes in this weird 5 minute hip hop medley monstrosity.  it was appalling.

it really got us (dr. rei, dotytron and myself) fired up to premier dj fraaaaanche. the legion was a super cool venue with uber-cheap beers.  it was just wasted by stupid people who don't know how to throw a party.  i mean, i've thrown a party or two or 20 in my day.  it's not THAT hard. having good music is usually the first step.  this was a good concept that went horribly awry.

here are some shots of everyone's costumes:

bwong as che, selmy as hal johnson, dr. rei as a vampire pig

A & J looking freaking adorable. seriously. can't i marry THEM?

steph in the best costume of her life (her words)

me and the dotytron

then we went to massimo's for pizza and had hardcore sharing circle with A & J. i seriously want to move to the kdubs just so i could hang out with them more. it makes me sad in my thoughtsicles.

this was last night's dinner.  i skipped the salad and garlic bread since it was just me and the dotytron.

these are more of the new york times chocolate chip cookies, which in retrospect, i should have made more of.  

so my starters are doing well.  not super-strong...but definitely surviving...the grape one has attained equilibrium now that i'm feeding it twice a day and the whole wheat one is actually the more sluggish one.  i've swtiched to feeding the whole wheat one with white flour.  

grape starter:

and the whole wheat one:

today is dia de los muertos!!!  i'm cooking up a storm.  here's the menu:

- pozole rojo (pork and hominy stew with guajillo chilies and ancho chilies)
- assorted toppings for the pozole (shredded iceberg lettuce, crema, limes,)
- chorizo, cheese and corn tamales
- roasted tomatillo salsa
- guacamole
- fresh corn chips
- hazelnut churros
- chocolate dipping sauce
- pan de muerto (the traditional sweet bread that's the most consistent food thing associated with day of the dead)

and some mexican beers and maybe tequila.  i think peeps are going to come over and help me wrap tamales.  we have bwong and dr. rei and hanbo and A & C coming over...maybe our high school friends B & G...i ran into B yesterday on my way home from work and thought he and G might want to come by for a bit.  should be a fun night of eating, deep frying, and talking s**t.


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