Sunday, November 30, 2008


so, basically whirlyball is the most unsafe "sport" ever.  the rink is hella shady and falling apart at the seams and is staffed by teenage boy george impersonators (that was awesome, though).  part of the electrified floor was coming up and the unflappable staff person "monitoring" our game just came down and tried to stamp it back into place.  the scoreboard was practically disintegrating before our eyes and the bumper cars had been made from rusted scrap metal salvaged from a developing country.  in other words - it's the sport of kings.  i basically just drove around in circles in my car, whizzing around blissfully ignoring the game going on and not even trying to play.  the dotytron says that i had a look of pure glee on my face.  lol! it was the funnest. i'm also kind of bruised up from getting rammed a few times (most self-inflicted) get some SERIOUS speed on those things and heading straight into the boards will definitely give your brain a jostle.

then we took down like 10 billion xl massimo's margarita pizzas and ate cupcakes.  

oh! on the way TO whirlyball we passed a "mary brown's" fried chicken shop. peeps in the fried chicken lovers community had been buzzing about this, with some saying it was better than popeye's. i'd never seen a mary brown's in my life (we were in the dufferin and 401 area), so i made the dotytron stop so that i could get a piece on our way to A & C's house. overall, i'm more loyal to popeye's (halal meat!). it had a thin seasoned flour coating (a little less salty and herby than the colonel's secret blend of herbs and spices) that was more flabby than crispy. it was also a little greasier than popeye's. the thing i love about popeye's (aside from the halal meat) is all that craggy, crispy, flaking batter coating each chicken piece that makes each piece about 50% fried coating by volume. that's very important. the batter in popeye's isn't seasoned as heavily, but it's offset by the spicy coating on the meat (if you get the spicy). basically, for those who favour the "extra tasty crispy" version of kfc, it's like a souped up "extra tasty crispy." don't get me wrong, sometimes you WANT just a seasoned flabby piece of skin you can roll up into a ball and pop like candy (errrrr...i do, at least), but for me, i tend to want that less than i want a high batter to meat ratio.

i love hanging with kdubsguelph cuz they'll eat whatever i make and be really excited about it. there was a fight for the last two cupcakes so we played "musical cupcakes" for it, passing them around in opposite directions while the music played as fast as we could, and when A turned the music off (he had his back to us), the two people holding cupcakes were eliminated until there were only two people left.  actually, now that i think about it, we played "hot potato" with cupcakes, NOT musical we played "hot cupcakes."  this of course meant that the cupcakes were the mangiest things ever by the time the end of the game came around, after being handled countless times by 16 sets of hands and been squished and manhandled like a two bit trollop.  

then we opened presents.  so that means i can unveil some secret knitting! i made this scarf/neckwarmer for C:

and this one for steph:

we were going to go out but i think starting our night at like 7pm did us in so we packed up and headed home and didn't bother with the old skool hip hop...we were in bed by 12:30am, which to me is PERFECT. if only dancing started a little earlier!!!

this morning we got up, the dotytron vacuumed and i prepped tonight's pot roast dinner. here it is in situ:

i also baked off those two rosemary olive oil loaves. i added sliced potato on top, brushed the potato with olive oil and sprinkled it with sea salt. the one on the left was cooked on the pizza stone. i raised it up one level and had the stone on the rack instead of the oven floor, but the bottom of the loaf still got a little charred before it was fully done cooking. the one on the right was done in the cuisinart dutch oven, but i accidentally left it in too long so it over-browned:

for sunday breakkie we had eggs scrambled with some of the leftover grated cheddar and chopped scallions from the nachos, with refried bean and guacamole stuffed into a warmed pita.

i also prepped tonight's dinner. we're having pot roast. here it is in situ:

i seasoned and seared off some beef that bwong cut for me and tied (i forget which cut), then threw in some onions to cook in the fat and garlic. i deglazed with red wine and added some tomato sauce that wouldn't fit in the my containers for freezing (to much to top up the containers with, too little to bother freezing separately), and added some chicken stock (i'm all out of beef) and some rosemary and thyme sprigs. while i'm at dodgeball, the dotytron will throw it in the oven and midway through add some "baby" carrots and we'll boil some yukon gold potatoes and serve them alongside, buttered and tossed with some chopped dill maybe. if there's leftover beef, i'm going to throw that in the slowcooker overnight with some chopped mushrooms, celery, more onion, the leftover carrots and barley and turn that into a soup. i'll probably freeze off the soup and give it and the pasta sauce and meatballs to the dotytron's aunt, who's recovering from an operation.

finally, i also made HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS this morning. fun! i've never made them before, and since friday i've had it in my head to relax on sunday night with a big mug of hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows and a plate of freshly baked cookies. that's a pretty reasonable and fortifying sunday night.

i'm going to try to do some yoga.

anyway...that's it for me. i'll post dinnie pics later.



dr. rei said...

i'm dying at the image i have in my head of you driving around in a circle laughing with so cute.

dr. rei said...

ps. those cupcakes look amaze! as does the potroast....also, can we have those homemade marshmallows at harry potter famjam?

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

anything for you, my dove!

chinese hot pot! hot chocolate and homemade marshmallow! cookies!!!
and most of all: 'ARRY 'OTTER!!!!!