Monday, November 17, 2008

continuity issues

well, savvy and eagle-eyed readers (all two of you) would notice a glaring continuity error in yesterday's post, giving away the fact that while i generally post everything all in one shot in a maelstrom of linguistic prowess, i sometimes get caught composing at various points in the day, and get interrupted, thereby having to fill in details and images as my schedule allows.

to wit - the caption accompanying yesterday's sunday breakkie image states:  "today for sunday breakkie we just had a simple eggs over easy, toast, and peameal bacon affair," when any sunday breakkie afficionado worth their eggs florentine could clearly see plain as day that those are scrambled eggs on my plate.  dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun.  there, i've been caught!  red-handed, calling a breakfast audible and making the rare decision to sacrifice gooey, oozing yolks for custardy curds.  

yesterday i had the rare pleasure of sharing court time with the dotytron as he accompanied me to dodgeball and promptly won the hearts of my teammates with his semi-natural lanky and somewhat counterintuitive athleticism.

dinner chez dr. rei was like being wrapped in a flannel blanket near a roaring fire in some alpen chalet.  the shepherd's pie was properly mumsy and accompanied by a delicious roasted beet, baby spinach, and blue cheese salad.  her cousin S and boyfriend B brought along a delicious and appetite-whetting spread of italian cheeses and salumis of various persuasions and my pineapple upside down cake was as delicious as it was comely.  reducing the cardamom to 1 t. gave it a roasted, vanilla-scented warmth, helped along by caramely notes of golden rum.  gently coddled in a warm oven and heaped with a small snowcap of whipped cream, it was a fitting end to a homey meal.

i have to say though, that the real star (in my own prideful eyes at least) was the sourdough bread, which emerged from the oven looking like real-deal business.  i slashed it with an exacto knife (didn't have a single-edged razor on hand - who does???) and fussed about the oven like a particularly anxious expectant mum.  lo and behold, it emerged crisp-crusted, dense-but-tender mie'd, and possessing an umistakable sour tang grounded by the hearty richness of the rye and whole wheat and spelt.  slathered with salted butter it was a thing to behold and now the dotytron is exhorting me to continuously churn out freshly baked bread (he loves his carbs, that one).  

i have to admit to being as smug and pleased and chuffed as a broody hen over it...having nurtured my starter for almost a month now...

whew...i'm exhausted.  it's 11pm and i just got home from TWO games of dodgeball (we subbed in when one of the teams playing after us didn't show).  it was so much fun!  i had some pretty ace moments where improbable things would happen (getting three people out in the space of 5 seconds, getting two people out at once) and it was really fun to play...i'm super achey and tired now and i'll be paying for it tomorrow for sure.

the added bonus was that this team of hot, tattooed bikers (they ride bikes, not hogs) who i've only spotted once before played after the second game so i got to ogle them.  they're foine.  

tomorrow after work we're checking out this alternate site for the performance...i hope everything lines up!!!


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