Saturday, November 08, 2008

cereal box serving sizes

are straight-up wack. not only is the amount of cereal piddly (i guess that's how they get away with saying there's only 120 calories per serving) but when you factor in the amount of milk they recommend (usually 1/2 c.) it's barely enough to moisten your bowl! it's gross! i mean, i can understand for certain cereals that are gross when soggy (i'm looking at you, corn pops and shreddies) but for some stuff like mini wheats or even worse, those plain hay bales of shredded wheat, trying to yam those dry, bristly, throat-rakers vaguely coated with a thin mist of milk would be uber-frustrating.

anyway, globe was a qualified success. the food was delicious, the service was great, but there's a little problem with the room. we have a tentative invite list of about 80 people, and the room is big enough for that, but the manager said that with 80 people cocktail reception, the place feels like a nightclub. so it'll be cozy and warm. i think if we had 60 people, it would be perfect. i think we're totally fine with giving some the b-list peeps the heave-ho...but we'll see. they have a lovely patio space that the information package the manager sent me says you can have exclusive access to for an extra fee...but last night when i asked how much that was, the manager said they didn't give exclusive access. so i emailed him this morning saying we loved the space, but that we don't really want to subject the older members of our party to a "nightclub atmosphere" and that we'd take it in a second if we could get the patio and we'd be willing to negotiate a premium for that privilege.

here are some shots of the room with the dotytron for scale:

we really love the banquettes along one wall, which would alleviate the griping from peeps about having to stand at a cocktail party and help get the old folks off their legs. we could stick the dj booth in the little indent beyond the dotytron in the first picture, because the space is small we wouldn't have to worry about cranking the tunes...since we're not planning on playing any slow numbers you don't need a lot of space to turn the entire place into a dancefloor. it tends to be my experience that people don't go buck dancing at weddings anyway. too bright, people feel too self-conscious, etc.

the dotytron is feeling a little bit of stress about the thing and i have to keep reminding him that it's not a big deal. the moment you start feeling stress or worrying about stuff is when it's not going to be fun. i'm treating it like a slightly larger iteration of one of my usual dinner parties...same attention to detail, same desire for fun. of course i want to try to have all the bases covered, but what can i do about weird stuff that goes wrong on the day of but throw up my hands, laugh, and think that it's going to make a really great story? there are no such things as perfect days that you have planned out, not in my books. the people make it perfect and since we'll be surrounded by our favorite people, then it'll be a big lark we're having together...that's the most important thing. here's a pic of where we want the actual performance to go down borrowed with thanks from the toronto gardens blog:

the dotytron is stressing about what we're going to do if it rains. i figure i have no problems with telling people that they should dress for the weather, bring brollies, and be prepared for the sight of me clomping down the path in my wellies. if it's torrential, then we'll have to do a bucket-brigade for the nearest shelter, and we'll assign people the task of grabbing the amp and stuff and making a run for it.

finding a photographer is proving to be a trial. i'm not really into being posed and i most defo don't want those pictures where it's a closeup of a shoe, my hands, the dotytron's hands, and some blowsy rose. what the hell am i going to do with that?!? or i defo don't want a shot of me swinging on a swing or gazing off into the distance with some flowers in the background. i'd feel stupid doing stuff like that. the dotytron and i would be perfectly happy if the pics from the event turned out like a facebook album of a night out. some shots that just record the fact that it happened, we were there, we were happy, these our our nearest and dearest. i don't need every single moment recorded. i should really get the lastnightsparty or cobrasnake guy to do it. lol!!! that would be HILARIOUS.

we asked dr. rei's friend N to take shots. he shoots the most amazing, hazy pictures using expired film (according to my photoblogger doppelganger, A). if he can come, that would be perfect. he was SO NICE and gracious about it. we've met him once and he was totally being a hummingbird heart...i facebook msg'd him about taking the shots and he sent me an effusive message back, congratulating us and waving away my offers of payment (we would obviously still pay him). we've met him once! so sweet! i might get the dude who takes shots at my grandparents' things to back up N with some digital camera shots for interiors (N's camera doesn't have a flash) and then count on camera-toting buddies to do the rest. it takes a village, people!

so here's my rundown of globe bistro. we started with house-baked sourdough bread, butter, and some kind of tomato-butter spread:

then came our amuse of smoked arctic char mousse on a wild rice cracker:

this was really nice...i'm not sure how they made the cracker out of wild rice...unless they turned it into wild rice flour...the cracker was paper thin.

to start i had the "tongue and cheek" - creemore braised beef cheeks, corned tongue, corn shoots and pickled grapes. it was a wonderfully substantial portion for $14, the meat was supremely tender and everything was elevated by the shot of acidity from the cold, sweet grapes:

the dotytron had the heirloom beet salad with black olive horseradish leather, sheep's milk creme fraiche and carrot coulis. this portion i thought was a little small...i loved the sheep's milk creme fraiche against the beets (but beets and goat's cheese/sheep's cheese is a classic combo) and i liked the leather. the carrot coulis was lacking in dimension and could have been taken off the plate with no discernible difference.

somewhat predictably, for my main i had the "nose to tail suckling pig" which was served with truffled potato foam (divine), braised fennel (could have been cooked a bit longer) and "brawn" which i can only assume are the two fried chicken-finger looking things gracing the plate. i don't know what "brawn" is supposed to be...but this turned out tasting like a pork version of the second peking duck course (the one where it's chopped up meat and veggies that you're supposed to wrap in lettuce leaves). it was interesting because the chopped up stuff wasn't bound with any kind of wrapping before being coated in breading and fried. the crackling on my pork could have been a little crispier with a bit more colour, but the pork was suitably tender.

the dotytron had the magret duck breast with duck sausage, jerusalem artichokes, haricots vert, and blueberry juniper coulis. the coulis suffered the same fate as a lot of sauces subjected to the blistering hot plates that restaurants seem to favour - it had been shellacked onto the plate and had turned a little leathery in the process. the duck meat was tender, sanguine, and sapid - served medium rare. the beans (sorry, haricots verts) were cooked perfectly, with a fantastic crisp-tender crunch and the jerusalem artichokes had been formed into a little pave round.

desserts were probably the standout courses. i loved both of ours. i had the banana pavlova with grapefruit sorbet, white chocolate cream and banana fluff (i will always be a perennial sucker for the evocativeness of "fluff" as a food descriptor, especially in reference to anything sweet). this was fantastic. the meringue was a crisp shell filled with sweet, vanilla-flecked custard and topped with cooked bananas. the dots on the plate are the banana fluff, which can only be described as banana-caramel flavoured meringue which had been toasted with a blowtorch until burnished. the dotytron found the pink grapefruit sorbet a little too bitter for the dish but i liked the way it brightened up the plate and cut through the sweet cream flavours of everything else.

the dotytron resisted the lures of the cheese plate and ordered the pumpkin bavarois, which came with a ginger funnel cake, black pepper buttermilk ice cream, and salt licorice sauce. the salt licorice sauce was a little much for me but everything else was near-perfect. the bavarois was light and redolent with pumpkin pie spices and the ginger funnel cake miraculously arrived at the table an airy, tangle of fried
crunch dusted with powdered sugar. i could have eaten an entire bowlful of that, with a ramekin of caramel sauce for dipping (hmmmmm...future dessert idea)

overall, we were both impressed with the food. we hope we can get the patio space and then it'll be done. if we can't, we'll look at other places or consider chopping down the guest list.

today i'm going to try to study for my scheduled second showdown with the driver's education written knowledge test. eeks! EVERY TIME i crack the stupid book i'm asleep within 10 minutes!!! i'm going to do some knitting, do some yoga and then head out to meet H, baby D, M and maybe our friend L for some fabric shopping in H's hood.

then i'm heading home and making dinner for bwong, the dotytron and myself. we're having seared duck breasts, roasted grapes, roasted squash, and a bacon, thyme, and cream potato gratin. i don't know if i'm going to bother with a dessert.

then tonight the plan is to meet up with kdubs crew and hit wrongbar to the b-more/philly club sounds of dj sega. the roomie and l'army might come too.


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