Friday, October 31, 2008

who's pumped for tonight?

answer: moi!!!  

i was doing a signature, "karl lagerfeld only knows two lines of the song" rendition of "monster mash" last night, along with this weird shimmy shake/marching band dance and that monster-mash style faux dracula haunted voice effect.  it was pretty aces and totally made the dotytron laugh which = mission accomplished.  i also do a pretty good serena vanderwoodsen impression (from "gossip girl" for the woefully uninitiated) that drives the dotytron crazy.  she has this weird way of mumbling and compressing her lips when she talks and not enunciating that's i'm pretty good at.  so to date, i can do the following impressions:

- donald fagen singing steely dan's "rose darling"
- shakira singing "hips don't lie"
- blake lively as serena vanderwoodsen
- a fake sarah mclachlan and/or the chick from the cranberries and/or tori amos (these are all the same...basically i just do a high-pitched shrieking rendition of "into the fire" or "zombie" or "silent all these years"

today i'm having lunch at mickey d's as a send-off to pregnant colleague M.  but i'm going to be restrained and NOT have my chaser.  in fact, i might forgo the big mac combo altogether (!!!!!!) right now i'm leaning towards a filet-o-fish combo OR a mcchicken combo.  or maybe just a six pack combo of mcnuggets (taking a page from K's book).  that's very disciplined of me, if i do say so myself.

we're going to this party at this legion on niagara street tonight.  it's called "thriller" night.  should be fun!!!  dr. rei and hanbo are coming, bwong is coming, some of dr. rei's friends, and my beloved kdubsguelph crew.  i can't wait to see everyones' costumes!  i'm going to take a tonne of pictures and then post 'em...especially cuz me and the dotytron look pretty damn cute, if i do say so myself. homemade costumes are the bestest!

ahhhhhhh!!!  so excited for hanging out!!!  and dancing!!! and costumes!!!  and getting crunked!!! and the dotytron getting rid of his shift tomorrow so he won't be a stick in the mud cranky pants!!!  

tonight for dinner i'm making a roasted pumpkin penne with brown butter, sage, hazelnuts and grated parm.  with that fennel, radicchio, romano salad and garlic bread.  and new york times ultimate chocolate chip cookies.  tasty tasty!  


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