Wednesday, October 15, 2008

what a waste

well, the canadian election has come and gone and WHAT. A. SNOOZEFEST. i almost didn't vote yesterday. i was sick and cranky and had to make dinner and prep stuff for G & M's baby(ies) shower(s) at work today and i didn't feel like schlepping my butt out to the polling station in between all of the above and waiting for the bed to be delivered.

i was so indifferent to all the candidates...i guess if i went with my gut instincts about people, i'd say i like the cut of dion's gib the best, but that's really not saying much with such a lacklustre pool. in the end, i went with the marxist-leninist candidate, but i would have liked to scratch out the "leninist" part first.

i don't really get people who hold "election" parties...especially for THIS election! watching the ridings come in would be the ultimate sleep aid...did anyone really doubt that there was going to be another minority government? not me. you know why there's such low voter turnout? because we don't have real leaders...we have party-sycophants tied to the caucuses' apronstrings.

the shower was a huge success...we had enough food for probably double the number of attendees...i've been grazing all day so i doubt i'll feel inclined to make dinner tonight...we have enough leftovers from thanksgiving and turkey soup and matzoh balls to see us through another meal...i'll cook tomorrow night.

this is boring, i know. i promise to be more entertaining or have something insightful to say tomorrow. but allow me to just say that "30 rock" effin' RULES!


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