Saturday, October 04, 2008

thus far

well, i woke up uber-early and made two pumpkin pies (thanksgiving preparation) and a browned butter hazelnut cake for the dotytron's da's birthday dinner tomorrow. i also made a batch of bran muffins and ate a bowl of steel cut oats with the dotytron before he left me to go to work.

then i waited for the neighbour (shortround) to move his stupid car out of the driveway so that i could get my bike past it. he moved the car in last night so that the dotytron could park the borrowed parental mobile behind it, which was nice of him, but he also promised to move it out early so that i wouldn't be trapped inside the house. i even went so far as to go over there and bang on the door repeatedly to no avail. he's probably passed out in an alcoholic stupor.

so, finally i got all pissed off at being kept a prisoner in my own home and reefed my bike and myself through the space. i may or may not have scratched his car. i'm going to fess up though, but really, it's his fault. and before you, my dear readership, get all moral majority on me, the car is plenty scratched up already and is missing both a side mirror, a side window, and has a perpetual flat back tire.

thus liberated, i went to st. lawrence to pick up oktoberfest provisions for next weekend and then stopped at the mall to get little ze some belated birthday presents (my sister requested fall clothes, so i had to wait until fall rolled around), then i tried on some stuff in the change room at h&m and emerged HORRIFIED at the state of my upper arms. so now i'm frantically researching upper arm exercises on the internet. getting older is pretty good in the sense that you become more and more confident but also simultaneously (and contradictorily) kind of awful in that time ravages your once youthful looks and you're not SO FAR GONE that you can't remember how nubile you used to be. i'm starting to feel like no-makeup is no longer an option. i look HAGGARD! i'm hoping against hope that it's the harsh change room lighting. *crosses fingers that i'm not slowly morphing into elizabeth may*

tonight we're having dinner at dr. rei and hanbo's. it's a late dinner as the dotytron is getting muscled into going on a group "nuit blanche" thing for school. so stupid. i told him that when it comes to situations like that (ie. group work during leisure time) you have to PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN. left to their own devices, most people dither and waste time and waste YOUR time because they're worried about not getting A's. you really have to take charge before your whole night has been eaten up with dingbats you don't care about.

tomorrow we're going to see the house i'm lusting after. we roped my dad into going with us. mostly because he's retired and has nothing better to do. but he's already informed me that i'm committing the cardinal sin of being too emotional. he's right. that's why i'm not holding my breath. i also know that realistically, now is not the time for us to be buying, what with the dotytron being a student and all. i'm kind of muddling along just hoping that the gods will look kindly upon me and somehow the stars will align and the chorus of angels will see fit to give me the house that i'm emotionally and irrationally attached to.


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