Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i almost passed out in my epsom salt bath last night.  3 hours of dodgeball over two days is tough on my already-tight ligaments and muscles.  i was going to go for a lunchtime run but then realized i left my sweatshirt at home...i didn't really think it was a good idea to run on tight muscles in the cold.  

not much to report other than the fact that design blogs are taking over my life.  i REALLY REALLY REALLY want a house.  more than i want to get hitched.  more than i want kids.  i guess for me, crafting > kids?  a house is the ULTIMATE craft project!  i just added a wackload more design blogs to my rss feeds.  i can already SEE it (my future home) in my mind's eye!  the struggle is to get the dotytron over his love of kitsch.  i mean, i like my tasteful novelty items and kitsch as much as the next person...but the dotytron SERIOUSLY and SINCERELY loves those like, salt rock lamps you see in those stores that sell crystals and giant hunks of amethyst.  he also SERIOUSLY and SINCERELY loves those wizard-y valhalla-y smoke-spewing table fountain things that all-to-often feature a be-robed skeleton looming ominously over a murky pool of water in some dreary woodland scene.  that's what basements are for...or "rec" rooms.  

tonight after work we're meeting my friend M from the canoe days to have dinner at duff's wings.  or something in that general vincinity.  stopping off in kensington for some supplies for my dia de los muertos dinner party we're having on saturday.  i bought some kick-a** decorations from kensington yesterday...gorgeous, gaudy tissue-paper cutouts and such...i have to pick up some sugar skulls and hominy tonight for my pozole.  i'm excited!!!  this weekend is going to be so much fun!!!  the dotytron ditched his saturday shift which means he can let loose on friday night (a dotytron restrained is a pitiful sight) and help on saturday...we'll have a whole proper weekend together.  now if only i can get through my mountains of work, first.  


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