Sunday, October 05, 2008


i slept ALMOST ELEVEN HOURS LAST NIGHT. that's HUGE! i never ever sleep so much! i feel like a zillion dollars! though, i have to admit, i feel a little lost that i haven't already prepped/baked/done a billion things by this point. i'm feeling like the day has run away from me a bit. but i can also simultaneously acknowledge that that's borderline psychotic so i'm not going to give into it.

yesterday futronic came over and with another round of cupcakes from flourgirls out in milton. this time there were TWO (!) RED VELVET cupcakes in the batch. now, we all know how i love me some red velvet cupcakes. before i give my review, allow me to interject for a moment on how i have my finger on the pulse of the nation.

case numero uno: the adoption of the karl lagerfeld persona FAR PREDATES the reinsertion of karl lagerfeld into mainstream, popular, young awareness. it predates the lagerfeld collection at h&m (the one that barely sold in canada...nowhere near the lineups and slavering anticipation that met subsequent designer ventures by the clothing line). it predates lagerfeld confidential, the lengthy article that appeared either in the new york times or the new yorker (which revealed that la lagerfeld is kind of bats**t insane, but in an endearingly old world auteur kind of way), and his alignment and subsequent distancing himself from lilo (lindsay lohan) which in turn predates her now seemingly ancient lesbianism.

case numero dos: the red velvet cupcake thing. i was THERE people, shouting it from the rooftops well before foodgawker and taste were flooded with pics from food bloggers the world over (read: north america) with their versions of the southern treat.

case numero tres: the tent dress/muumuu phenomena.

so, while idiots the world over are chasing after (inexplicably) the agness deyns of le demi-monde, allow me to pause for a moment to toot my own kazoo. and seriously, agness deyn?!? as if LONDON is generating culture worth talking about right now?!? blech. snooze. she's marrying one of the dudes from the strokes. nuff said. remember them? i sure as hell don't.

clockwise from top: red velvet, chocolate raspberry, red velvet again, lemon. anyway, the red velvet cupcakes from flourgirls gave my beloved babycakes a run for their money, although i'd probably have to do a side by side comparison as it's been a while since i've had a babycake (you know, them being prohibitively expensive and all). the cream cheese frosting was light and tangy without the telltale cloying tackiness of an unbalanced cream cheese to sugar ratio. the cake was a startling crimson, whereas the babycake is more of a cocoa derived earthy rust. the cake was moist with a nice light crumb. very tasty, indeed.

it has come to my attention (based on the revelation from mr. futronic that the proprietor of flourgirls reads this very blog!) that my readership is actually wider than i generally suspect. this kind of warms the cockles of my cold, black heart. it's nice to know that people are reading and appreciating my petty attempts to amuse and self-aggrandize.

today for sunday breakkie we had dippy eggs and toast.

the rest of the day (what little is left of it!) will be spent as follows:

- my dad is arriving in half an hour to accompany me and the dotytron on the open house of my house of dreams

- then dodgeball

- then dinner at momma and poppa d's for poppa d's birthday...i think nany and poppa (real poppa) are coming too!

- then home for knitting. my thrummed mitten is coming along swimmingly! regardez-la:


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