Tuesday, October 07, 2008

polski ogorki

cafe polonez is AMAZING. huge, plentiful portions that focus on starches and meat crammed cheek-by-jowl on enormous plates. i went splitsies with my teammate C on a bowl of tripe soup (not his idea) and the schnitzel polonez (topped with sauteed mushrooms). the tripe soup featured tender tripe in a rich, stewy, thick liquid with lots of cracked black pepper and some bits of carrot ($5.50). i dunked heavily buttered slices of rye bread in the bowl and was hand-clappingly happy. the schnitzel was crispy, lightly breaded, tender and came sided with a pile of boiled potatoes with dill, sauerkraut, grated beets, and coleslaw ($14.50). it was good, basic, hearty, eastern european grub. i also tried some of E's perogies...the meat ones were stuffed with an indeterminate meat mixture that tasted like beef/pork but had the stringy texture of chicken. very good. the potato ones were delicious, especially coated in a thick spackling of full fat sour cream. i would definitely go back.

i also took a tip from my boyfriend and stopped in at the sorauren park farmer's market...not too shabby! not all organic and of course it featured the de rigeur farmer's market entertainment of a past-the-sell-by-date hippie in rugged woolen and handtooled suede attire, enthusiastically and doggedly plunking away at a guitar and singing "folk" songs. yikes. so earnest! i picked up some lovely striped eggplant that i might stuff next week as well as some mixed greens and a fantastico cheese from montforte dairy, called (stupidly, imo) "l'indiscretion" (seriously. so ghey) which is a goat's milk cheese with a grappa-washed rind. it was deliciously chalky and goaty without being too redolent of the barn. then i tooled around roncesvalles for a bit and eyed some polish sweets and nearly fainted from the smell of kolbassa and other rustic, country sausages at a store before deciding that i needed to have more time to make considered, measured purchases and not let my perpetually gluttonous stomach do the dictating.

so my dball team (most of whom know each other) were talking about someone they knew...a girl who sold her virginity back to god. what the-?!? so i asked what you get for it. my boyfriend replied "a toaster" and i asked the natural follow up question, "2 slots or 4?" according to my boyfriend, it's a 4-slotter...which definitely makes it a much more enticing transaction...in that situation, if god really wants my damaged v-card in exchange for a 4-slot toaster...i'll totally give it to ol' yaweh! if we're following the logic of the metaphor through though...your virginity is technically "taken" by whichever random skidball you were in love with in highschool, so i don't really have MY virginity to sell back...i have my then boyfriend's. tricksy. i wonder if god knows the difference? seriously. apparently the other thing about this virgin-re-seller is that she loves bono and bono's charity work (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) wow. that kind of makes her like a unicorn. admittedly, my list of deal breakers is long and idiomatic...but being a fan of bono's charity work would probably put you smack dab in the middle of the "do not touch or entertain the thought of touching" hinterlands.

i got a massage tonight and now i'm gearing up for a dessert of super-hot epsom salt bath with ever-reliable entertainment weekly. i have to say, the cover with jon stewart and stephen colbert skewering the new yorker obama cover was HI-LARIOUS...if only for colbert's expression!!! he really nailed the flirtatious coy/smug look of the drawing.

for dinner i took the leftover meatballs and tomato sauce that i froze a couple of weekends back and heated them up. i served them on toasted, sliced, ace burger buns to make little meat ball sammies, topped with mozzarella cheese and served with a caesar salad. so tasty...i wish i always had the foresight to have meatballs and tomato sauce lying around in the freezer.



Jennifer said...

what's with the sudden (over)use of the word "boyfriend"? you're creeping me out, lady!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

don't sweat it, jenn-jenn!!! my "boyfriend" is the captain of my dodgeball team (this other dude entirely). the dotytron is always referred to as "the dotytron" or "f**kface" does that make it clearer?

Jennifer said...

you can't know the extent of my relief. i was like, WHAAAAAAAAAA?? where's my surly girl i know and love??!!