Saturday, October 18, 2008

on the mend

i can tell i'm on the mend because i'm starting to go stir-crazy from not doing anything.  the roomie came home yesterday and took a nap, when she came out, she gave me sternface to the max when she caught me in the living room doing yoga.  according to her, she was just about to wake up and congratulate me for taking it easy and spending the day resting on the couch and was really disappointed to find me engaged in calisthenics.  as part of my kooky, self-taught folk wisdom, one of the reasons i feel i got sick in the first place is because i've been slacking on the self-care...i haven't gone running in two weeks, no yoga, no dodgeball because of thanksgiving...bogus.

dinner with A & C was delightful as always.  i really like those guys. A made a batch of the new york times "no-knead bread" and it's totally got the bug in my ear...i think i'm going to stop by the bulk store and pick up some bread flour and start some tonight. we're having goulash for dinner tomorrow and i can think of no better accompaniment than freshly baked, buttered bread.  my enameled cast-iron casserole is only 2.5 qts so i think i'll just bake the thing in 2 batches.  although A also put the bug in my ear about homesense having le creuset enameled cast iron dutch ovens for 50% off.  !!!!!! and i AM going to meet up with dr. rei today to go buying stuff for halloween costumes.  eeks!  i can feel my resolve wavering!  eeks!!!!!

we ended up ordering a heap of stuff at cafe polonez and then sharing's what we got -

A&C ordered the beet soup with dumplings. the beet broth was really sweet and clear tasting. i didn't try a dumpling but A&C said they were tasty and they looked cute.

the dotytron and i shared the "white borscht with sausage." i couldn't really identify what ingredient made the white borscht taste "white" but the broth was thin and had a zippy (but pleasant) sourness to it. like sauerkraut sour, maybe? floating in the broth was an egg cut in half and some kolbassa coins.

i ordered the mixed perogie platter which came with sauerkraut and mushroom perogies, potato perogies, cheese perogies (or maybe the potato and cheese perogies were one and the same), and the same pork-tasting-but-chicken-textured "meat" perogies as last time. my favorites were the sauerkraut and mushroom ones and the potato/cheese ones. i will say that the polonez gives you the teeniest, tiniest thimbles of sour cream and bacon-onion stuff for slathering on your perogies. i like my perogies to really be a vehicle for sour cream/onion consumption.

A&C got the cabbage rolls (C is a cabbage roll enthusiast, as i'm learning) which were tender little bundles of sweet cabbage leaves wrapped around a sturdy, hearty filling of rice and meat and sauced with a tomato sauce reminiscent of alphagettis (this is not a criticism).

the dotytron and i got the wiener schnitzel which came topped with a fried egg. the sides are also to be commended...they all taste really fresh and zingy and have either sweetness or acidity or a combination of the two to cut the heavy richness of the main dish. i especially like the coleslaw.

and finally, A&C got the polonez schnitzel, which i tried the last time i went there with my dodgeball team. see! the portions are MEGA! the roomie also drove us to the restaurant to meet A&C on her way to her friday night plans in an effort to keep me from pursuing my hare-brained scheme of having the dotytron and myself ride our bikes out to the restaurant and back.

now i'm off to meet dr. rei for a day of halloween costume gathering and gabbing...i feel like i haven't seen her in's been about two weeks? that's a lifetime in dr. rei and lagerfeld years.

tonight for dinner i'm making muttar paneer with parathas, rice, and saag from makkah to supplement.


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