Thursday, October 02, 2008

obligatory post extolling the virtues of fall

has anyone ever in the world loved fall as much as i? well, maybe dr. rei and the dotytron. i adore it. last night i pulled out our sheepskin slippers with no small amount of glee at the promise of toasty toesies...these are the things i'm loving/obsessed with at the moment:

- 100% cotton tights in jewel tones. i bought two pairs and they cost me a pretty penny (they were almost $30 a pair) but i'm wearing my purple ones today and have already received multiple compliments. they're super warm and soft and smooth and not fake-feeling. it's like wearing a full length pair of thin, comfy socks. love 'em. i also love that they have a very gentle waistband, unlikes most of my other tights which require very unsexy contortions to wriggle into and create bumps and bulges where bumps and bulges are neither invited nor welcome.

- the following colours: forest green, emerald green, teal, mustard yellow, orange, and purple purple purple! i covet an armada of professorial cardigans and thin layering pieces (tops and bottoms) in all those colours to break up the de facto black, greys, and browns of my winter work wardrobe.

- cotton jersey sheets, flannel pjs, sheepskin slippers

- fall food. rushing home in the biting cold to fill my belly with warm, stewy, carby, meaty goodness and the promise of a warm and sweet tidbit washed down with a minimug of cold milk before bed.

i'm one of the few people in the world who loves it when it gets dark early and i can traipse around my dimly lit (no bulb over 40 watts or whatever the new-compact fluoro equivalent is now) apartment, stumbling over things and tripping in the murky, wan, tobacco-stained atmosphere that is the byproduct of equal parts energy consciousness/environmental conscience and desire for ambiance.

i was looking over the summer list...and i didn't do too well. i have to start doing the maths to make my quilt happen and start cutting my delicious and adorable fabric. i have to get a leg up on holiday knitting, but to spare my fingers and inflamed tendons i think i'm going to stick to fat and chunky knitting for the next little while. i didn't get my driver's license OR get a first aid certificate. but there's still time for both. i have to make drapes. i have to get all my thanksgiving gear ready and prepare for a party at work.

now that the secret knitting has been gifted to the intended recipients, i can finally show it off!

for my pregnant co-worker, i turned the fir cone wrap into a fir cone baby blanket by casting on the same amount of stitches and beginning the garter stitch finishing band when it was roughly square. it's knit with estelle cloud cotton in a lovely caribbean ocean blue colour. the cloud cotton is very, very soft, and machine washable (kind of important for baby stuff) but a little hard on the hands (cotton doesn't stretch). the pattern was easy to memorize and it was a great first-timer project for my first real foray into using-a-chart lace patterns.

it was easy to figure out where i went wrong and using stitch markers between the pattern repeats saved my life once i figured out that was the way to go (3/4 through the final product and after ripping it up and starting over more times than i care to count). this took me about a month from start to finish (with long of non-knitting in between and lots of do-overs).

i also turned the kimono shawl from cheryl oberle's "folk shawls" into another baby blanket for my other pregnant co-worker (two co-workers, good friends, due within weeks of each other, married within months of each other), in the same yarn, but a suitably gender-neutral (i hope) pistachio colour for her baby.

i made my own chart for this pattern, as i've found that i like reading charts when doing lace better than following directions like "*k2, yo, ssk, yo*, repeat from * k3" i get easily confused with written directions and lose my place. this also took me a month from start to finish, with technically 2 weeks of actual active knitting time. the rest of the time i was giving my inflamed tendons a break from gripping slippery yarn and needles.

i'm really happy with both of them and i hope G and M like them and their babies love snuggling up in 'em.

tonight i went to terroni for a work-crew dinner in honour of the two mums-to-be. then i came home and watched the u.s. v.p. debates and taped the canadian debates to be watched later.

friday cannot come soon enough! if at all possible, i'm going to try to keep fridays for me and the dotytron or just do low-key things in the future and only make exceptions for grand, fun, nights, as generally, by the time friday rolls around, i'm DONE for. wiped out. exhausted. besides...another thing i adore about fall and winter is that it's for cozying up on the couch and watching movies and eating. nothing more elaborate or satisfying than that.



Susan said...

fabulous blanket! how clever to
adapt a blanket from a shawl pattern!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

thanks, susan!