Thursday, October 30, 2008

let there be warmth!

so my gentle but scatterbrained and perenially overworked and hen-pecked landlord finally came and changed the furnace filters.  so i finally consented to turn on the heat.  i almost roasted in my bed last night.  holy was HOT.  since we sleep in the basement and the furnace is in the best, we're the first stop on the - "so you think you can dance" reference alert - hot tamale train.  now the stupid weather is warming up.  you can't win.  and by "you" i mean me, captain thermostat nazi.

yesterday when i was filling up the giant recycling bin the city of toronto is insisting you use now, i caught our skeezy next door neighbour (she of the second floor apartment drum kit and the s****y sense of rhythm and dubious percussive skill) trying to sneak something in ours.  she saw me giving her the evil eye and was all like, "is it okay if i put this in there" and i was like, "why aren't you using your own" and she goes, "it's around the corner"  i was on my way to work and she was wearing her black and pink skull kitten tank top and pajama bottom set from like, claire's so i didn't have time to get into it with her.  

i KNEW someone had been using our gear.  i KNEW IT!  i'm pretty maniacal about maintaining the green bin so i wash it out every week and try to avoid getting the inside all gross and disgusting and garbage juice-y.  lately it's been EXTRA garbage juice-y.  gross!  NOT ON MY WATCH, SISTER.  i also have this freakish ability to like, x-ray scan garbage/recycling/compost with my eyes and know when stuff is in there that's not ours (well, 99% of the food that passes through our household i have been directly involved in the procurement/preparation of) and there's been suspect bags of garbage in our bin the morning after we put it out (we tend to put it out in the evening).  AND one day i came home and our garbage bin had been dragged out front of her place.  she better not mess with me.  i'm not above taking her stuff out of our bin and just dumping it on her front lawn.  nothing gets my machiavellian inspiration flowing like a neighbour feud.  

i've started feeding my grape starter twice a day and it seems to be responding well.  but wasting all the flour from discarding half at a time is making me feel bad.  i'm keeping the discarded starter in another jar in the fridge (apparently you can use it to make pizza dough and stuff) but i'm rapidly running out of room.  i put both starters down in the basement where it's warmer to see if that'll speed things along and help them grow strong and hearty.  

in other news: we still have fleas.  smudge seems to be okay, but el stupido boddington showed signs of minor flea excrement.  the dotytron doesn't believe me that you have to take a multi-pronged, super-diligent approach to "breaking the flea life cycle" by vacuuming every day (probably because he's in charge of the vacuuming).  we're going to go over the house tonight and saturday.  i felt bad for the poor little guys and relented and let them into our we have to wash all the sheets and vacuum the bed again and have to go back to quarantining them away from our bedrooms (ours and the roomies) which definitely puts a crimp on their available space. i'm also going to buy a flea collar to stick IN the vacuum.  i'm convinced i have at least one new bite.  if i emerge from this ordeal without typhoid, it'll be a miracle because the stupid fleas definitely favour me.  

i hope that doesn't deter people from wanting to come over.  lots of cats have fleas!!  it's fairly common!!!  i keep a clean house for crissakes!!!  (to wit: my obsessive weekly scrub downs of the green bin).  

tonight is leftover night.  we have tonnes.  i'm probably going to my yoga class.  i also may or may not carve another pumpkin but i don't know if i have time because going over the house is taking priority because we're entertaining on friday AND saturday.  i have a wikked template for pumpkin number 3 so i don't want to sit on it, but at the same time...there are only so many hours in th evening.  and i have to somehow lug the pumpkin home and degut it and then carve it and then do the whole photoshoot thing.  i might just give it a rest with the two i've already done. 



aaron said...

i've been throwing out a lot of perfectly good starter during the feedings myself. one possibility I've found, but haven't tried yet is 'sourdough pancakes' which the internet tells me can be made with no flour, only starter.

Daily sourdough pancakes could help out being a fat-little-weirdo.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

buns! i don't WANT to be a fat little weirdo. that's what i'm striving to avoid!

i think i'm going to try making pizza dough and flatbreads with it...