Tuesday, October 21, 2008

job anxiety

i find out in the next little while if my contract will be extended past the end of december.  nerve-wracking...considering i'm hoofing both my and the dotytron's share of the rent and expenses until teacher's college is done breaking his heretofore indomitable spirit.  a sobering and not-quite reassuring talk with the powers-that-be definitely have me in nervous heart palpitations until this thing is settled.

last night marked the consumption of my first deep-fried panzerotto.  it was GLORIOUS.  the dotytron has been stumping for panzerotto pizza for years and years, but for some crazy reason i was suspicious and would instead grab a slice from pizza pizza.  now i'm cursing all those wasted panzerottos (panzerottoes?) that could have been.  they recently redid the panzerotto pizza in our hood and it's gorgeous (the space).  before it looked like it was run by low-level vietnamese street thugs...broken plate glass masking taped over, sketchy dudes milling around outside overflowing from the 24 internet place next door...you catch my drift.  

i ordered one with extra cheese, mushroom, and pepperoni, heeding the dotytron's advice to specify that it be deep-fried, not baked.  unsheathing it from its' paper bag wrapping i was assaulted with the spicy warmth of the dried oregano flecking the crisp surface.  my first bite was bliss!  i have an inherent wariness of anything that could fall on the side of too-bready...but this...this was pizza pocket perfection and cast a pall on anything else purporting to that name.  the dough was chewy, crisp on the outside, not greasy, encasing a piping hot filling that had comingled and rearranged itself into the essense of pizza filling bliss (in other words: the first bite of any pizza slice - pizza bliss arranges itself in a radial formation based on decreasing proximity to the epicentre of the pizza.)  now i'm jonesing for more panzerottos and have sent forth the rallying cry to support panzerotto pizza and never again let them slide dangerously close to shuttering its doors and leaving us without a purveyor of deep fried pizza within walking distance.  

tonight i'm going to see "nick and nora's infinite playlist" with dr. rei and her betrothed, hanbo. dr. rei is concerned she's turning into a "fat little weirdo" (her words) - a state brought on by the dangerous combination of housing bridge mix and watching harry potter before bed (apparently). i'm not sure i've ever had bridge mix so hanbo's bringing supplies so that we can turn into fat little weirdos together. i'm excited/terrified.


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Anonymous said...

I love bridge mix!!
Big Sis