Friday, October 10, 2008

in which

it is confirmed that most knitters are b***hes. so i went to lettuce knit yesterday on my lunch as i happened to be in kensington buying chorizo.  i ran into the girl who writes this blog that i have in my rss feeds.  as i was paying for my purchases, i said, "i think i read your knitting blog" and you know what she replies?  completely awkwardly and disinterestedly, "oh yeah?"  WHAT. THE. F**K.  way to have no social skills.  i'm sorry i don't look like a bedraggled women studies major in a uniform of little girl mary janes and knee skirts and dripping in homespun wool with my parkdale librarian glasses and shirts with silkscreened bird prints on them.  jeez.  who does that? when people say they read my blog i can usually have a normal conversation about it (probably because my readership consists of my family and 3 friends...but still!)  i can definitely offer something better than, "oh yeah?"  what the hell does that even mean???

i'm kind of sick of going to that store and getting s****y service.  i'm a repeat customer! everyone EXCEPT for this girl who's name starts with an A always gives me wary-eyes and is the DIRECT opposite of warm and friendly.  and seriously, what gives them the right?  you know what?  your roving is ugly and THAT'S why i didn't buy any.  

sigh.  now i feel bad.  fine...maybe she was having a bad day.  it's just i find it hard reconciling how knitters are all like, "we belong to a community!" "go knitters go!" and can have conferences and yarn tattoos but for the most part, are generally unfriendly.  

by comparison...the people at the purple purl have never been ANYTHING but nice and helpful and the right amount of chatty.  lettuce knit is totally representative of kensington market and its' pseudo warm and welcoming but really elitist and cliquey vibe.  it's like you don't get good service unless you really look like you're a squeedgee or bob marley tshirt away from being destitute.  

so that's my rant for the day.  lettuce knit is full of fascists who are probably stoned from a lack of gluten in their diet and too much earnestness and solstice-loving.  

in other news...i'm excited for tonight!!!  tonight is the start of thanksgiving weekend with my family.  .first i have to go to the library and get my holds and pick up my pants from my tailors and stop off at home and re-measure my boxspring one more time to see if i can buy this mid-century modern teak frame from these vintage dealers down the street from me.  it's a love bedframe with built-in drawers and a HEADBORD!!! how glam!!!  and it's made of teak!  i LOVE teak!!!  i think the price is prett solid ($300) for a bed frame and even though i don't plan on sharing a double with the dotytron forever, for the forseeable future that's going to be the case (and if we buy a house in the east end of toronto, bedroom sizes just might preclude us from trading up)'ll be nice to have a little bit of elevation going on.  

then i'm going to the purple purl to pick up more roving for my thrummed mittens which are turning into the FATTEST MITTENS OF ALL TIME.  K at work made a joke about trying to handle change (or anything requiring a modicum of manual dexterity and opposable digits) with them on.  it doesn't appear likely.  you'll have a better idea once i post a picture.  i think they'll be really warm but it's basically like walking around with your hand stuffed in a loaf of bread made of wool.  apparently the roving starts to felt and get matted down with use...but holy criminey...they's be some chubby mitts.

we're going out for dinner tonight with the grandparentals up in markham.  no word yet on if we're eating at pak fook (the grandparentals favoured place) or asian legend (the younger generation's favoured place).  


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