Wednesday, October 29, 2008

halloween 2008 - gearing up

subtitle: the final, thrashing throes of the fat little weirdo chronicles.  my friend M had to stay at work last night so she bailed on our dinner plans.  since my old supervisor T had brought in tonnes of sweets and I had been working on the presupposition that i was going to be eating fatty wings and crispy fries and cool dill dipping sauce for dinner, i may have helped myself to a diabetes-sized portion or ten of her two (!) kinds of fudge (peanut butter and skor) and the cranberry nut bars with pretzel crust.  faced with the thwarting of my gleeful descent into saturated fat depravity and having already banished the inclination to cook anything, i ended up eating a panzerotto AGAIN last night.  that makes like, 4 in less than week.  that's SICK.  but i felt like hell afterwards and won't be doing that again (anytime soon, and by "soon" i mean - in the next week.  hold me to this!  for the good of my cholesterol count!!!).  

i started my day off with a big bowl of steel cut oats and i had a bowl of spicy beef kimchi soup for lunch.  tonight for dinner we're having mushroom barley risotto with pecorino  romano and some braised collard greens with bacon.  

last night i spent 2 hours carving this little guy:  

(jacques derrida)

i messed up his left eye (the eye on the right if you're facing him, but technically, HIS left eye if you're a pumpkin version of jacques derrida.)  i'm not completely happy with it, but after letting it settle in overnight, i think i did a pretty good job of capturing his likeness.  tonight will be more pumpkin carving...i'd like to do 2 more if i can squeeze it in...we'll see.

my starters aren't doing so well.  the grape one, after showing amazing amounts of activity on days 2 and 3 has barely any life to it and all and is giving off a very sharp, fermenty smell with zero bubbles.  as well, there's a later of starter "hooch" on top...i'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.  *edit* just researched's fine...doesn't mean my starter is dead...just needs to be stirred...will probably start feeding it twice a day*  

other one is kind of sluggish.

i'm going to give the grape one until saturday.  if it doesn't perk up, i'm going to start another grape one (last one for all time).  i'm going to skip waiting for the proscribed 6 days before feeding though, and just start a feeding schedule when it looks all bubbly and active on day 2 (assuming it comes to life like this one did).  *edit: did some reading on looks like my grape one is doing okay...but needs to be fed more regularly...that's why it's making hooch.  phew.  in other news: i'm a bad mom.*

i'm also going to start another starter using the guide from breadtopia that A used...his is looking hella lively!  

*i'll update with pics of my dinner, the pumpkin from tonight, and my s****y starters tonight when i get home and finish doing all my stuff!

dinner shot:

i carved a pumpkin in dr. dre's likeness tonight. i think it turned out pretty effin' awesome:


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