Thursday, October 23, 2008

the fat little weirdo chronicles

i'm rapidly joining dr. rei in a descent into the bowels of fat little weirdo territory, from which no amount of half-hearted tricep dips will save me.  

today we had a staff appreciation pizza lunch at my work,  i appreciated myself to the tune of 4 (!!!) pieces of pizza (in my defense, they were "party pizza"-sized squares, not triangles), 2 cookies, and like, handfuls of those cheap cream puffs they sell by the bin in the freezer section of grocery stores.  i'm OBSESSED with those.  i must have eaten about 15-20.  there were extras after lunch so i kept furtively casing the staff room and sneaking in when it was empty.  you can tell i felt guilty because i wouldn't eat any if someone else happened to be in the staff room.  instead, i would idly wash my hands and do weird laps from the fridge to the sink, all the while making awkward small talk so that no one would see me (and judge!) me while i went for more cream puffs.

see.  total fat little weirdo.  now that the prospect of eating dinner has gone OUT THE WINDOW...i've coaxed the dotytron into picking up panzerottoes for us.  i'm OBSESSED.  literally...they've been on my mind since monday night.  i've been flirting with the idea of eating one with the dedication and verve of leah mclaren at an investment bank holiday party full of bay street sharks.  

i know i haven't been doing much cooking.  this week was busy.  tonight i'm going to work on my halloween costume and knit and relax.  i can't decide when to buy my halloween pumpkins!!!  it's so tough.  i want them to be fresh and crisp enough to make good canvases, but i also don't want to save it to the last week leading up to halloween and there's a run on them and i'm left with the rejects.  it's a very delicate balance.  i have to anticipate the potential weekend double-income family shopping trends...where comely pumpkins are snatched in the blink of an eye.


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