Thursday, October 09, 2008

dump and run!

this will by necessity be a quickie as i'm STILL PREPPING FOR THANKSGIVING.

you know what though??? I DON'T CARE BECAUSE THANKSGIVING IS THE GREATEST OF HOLIDAYS. bar none. even if it means i have to play "hide the giblets" with a pasty, goosepimpled turkey on saturday and lube up its nooks and crannies and unmentionable bits with gobs of butter. even if it means you spend ALL DAY cooking for a meal that gets demolished in about 10 minutes. it is worth it because giving thanks is a magical, wonderful, soul-enriching thing that makes us better people. and to do it around a table groaning under the benevolence with which we north americans are (by and large) graced is a humbling experience that brings to the fore the elusive sublime that is our own humanity.

okay...this is what i made for dinner tonight. we had seared halibut with chimichurri. chimichurri is a sauce/marinade used for grilled meat that originated in argentina. alongside i fried up par-boiled yukon potato chunks with bits of spanish cured chorizo and fennel.

the salad tonight was a bag of mixed, wintery, bitter greens from the sorauren farmer's market with eggplant (also from the farmer's market) cubes fried in roasted garlic oil, toasted pine nuts, shallots, and goat's cheese in a red wine vinaigrette.

now i have to finish slathering the german chocolate cake with buttercream.


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