Monday, October 06, 2008

cupcake overload

food bloggers the world over would have you believe that the heydey of the cupcake is drawing to a close. anticipation is rampant over what will be the next homespun baked treat to sweep the zeitgeist (brownies seem to be the front runner). well, you wouldn't have known that after spending the weekend at casa lagerfeld and dotytron.

after dodgeball, a hot tip from my boyfriend sent us to madeleine's on bathurst (@ dupont). i fell IN LOVE. they sold a dazzling array of confections stacked in apothecary jars (french macaroons, brownies, cookies) as well as homespun pies and a refrigerator case stocked full of other delectables like coconut cream pies and these cheesecake things that my boyfriend specially recommended. i bought three mini cupcakes (vanilla with chocolate buttercream) and a cheesecake thing (a little round of chocolate and vanilla cheesecake on a chocolate cookie crust, enrobed in chocolate) and we ate those AFTER dinner at the momma and poppa d's. the cupcakes were DIVINE! moist, sturdy cake with a medium crumb that tasted like home-baked golden cake and a soft, light, incredibly luscious and cloud-like topping of chocolate buttercream that was sweet and rich with cooked buttercream essence. i adored them. the cheesecake was also delicious but a trifle rich for my liking.

this is AFTER we had a delcious chicken/mushroom/broccoli crepe dinner AND had my hazelnut brown butter cake (the dotytron forgot the camera so i didn't get any pictures). i LOVE the hazelnut brown butter cake. the recipe is from smitten kitchen by way of suzanne goin's book "sunday supper at lucques" which i promptly ordered from amazon (after coveting it for many years and unsuccessfully hoping that the public library would grab it)...this AFTER i had pretty much vowed to never buy another cookbook again what with the glut of recipes available on the interweb and torn from my multiple magazine subscriptions (soon to be shorter: "bon appetit" has jumped the shark bigtime and is getting axed from the roster).  hazlenut brown butter cake is light, redolent with toasty hazelnut flavour and the warm caramel undertones of browned butter and vanilla bean.  i slicked the top with a simple bittersweet chocolate ganache resulting in a low, simple, rustic looking cake that was barely sweet, with roasted, round, bitter flavours. really's going on the wedding cake shortlist.  

this is what i envision at the performance - a table with all kinds of vintage and simple cake stands piled with some of my favorite cakes and sweets...hazelnut brown butter cake, the devil's food cake with brown sugar buttercream, something with cream cheese frosting (carrot cake or banana cupcakes), maybe sweet potato pecan pie with whipped cream (more likely i'll keep it all cakes) and people can just carve off a slice or two or three...hopefully they'll all made by me. the table will be decorated with figs and some sunflowers and that's it.  simple simple simple.  

so now the dotytron and i have to drag our asses out to various parks around toronto to see what's suitable for the big to-do.  the toronto music garden was our fist pick (and by "our" i mean "mine" since the dotytron isn't really interested in those kinds of details) but they don't allow amplification and we kind of need an electric guitar (or we can rejig things to do without).  the big thing is that they only allow room for 40 people or something...but the way i figure it's a public park, right?  so we could have 40 people of family and then have our friends "happen" to be wandering through the park and showing up and watching the to-do...all guerilla/d.i.y. style.  

also...the house of our dreams is still VASTLY over-priced for what you get.  it's quite small.  my dad dug it, but said he would only pay $300 000 for it.  we had to tell our dad that $300 000 DOESN'T HAPPEN in toronto unless it's a hovel.  they had it staged so that when you walked in there was a fire ripping in the fire place and the smell of pumpkin pie...kinda ghey.  it would need some work...anyway...we're just going to keep doggedly hitting open houses until we've seen 50, at which point my dad says we'll be "educated" enough (he has this weird school-based analogy so right now we're in "kindergarten" and after 50 houses we'll be in "college") and hopefully the market conditions will be such that we can swoop in for the kill.  

in summation, i loved madeleine's and hazelnut brown butter cake and planning a wedding type deal just feels like SOMUCHWORK that you kind of don't get super-motivated to do it.

tonight is dodgeball and then dinner with the team...we're going to cafe polonez on roncesvalles for some polski ogorki food (tripe soup [i'll probably be the only one eating that]), perogies, breaded meats, cabbage rolls and the like.  bliss!!!!!!!  maybe some paczki?!????  


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Delicious is spelled incorrectly!
I am also so over Bon Appetit.
Big Sis