Friday, October 17, 2008


my head feels better but i'm not sure if it's a false sense of neo citran-derived clarity...i've got a gross, phlegmy, raspy cough, which if prior history is any indication, if left unchecked will probably devolve into bronchitis. for some reason i'm prone to bronchitis.

i'm also feeling kind of weak. i'm continuing to self medicate with my arsenal of kook folk wisdom, chiefly: fresh sheets on the bed, hot shower, clean clothes, lots of sleep, hot liquids and hoping that somehow i'll ride this out without a trip to the doctor. the last time i did this, i worked the lunch line at bymark during the holiday rush and probably coughed on each and every plate of food that passed my station. then i finally went to the doctor who told me that i had somehow ridden out bronchitis, passed perilously close to developing pneumonia, somehow skirted that bullet and was now on the path to health (thereby making prescription medication pointless).

i guess now is as good a time as any to do some film reviewing. when left to my own devices, doing endless laps of the "new releases" wall at the blockbuster around the corner, i'm more prone to giving into my more base movie watching predilections. so a few weeks ago, on a dreary saturday, i rented "the other boleyn girl" because well, no one likes a bodice-ripping tale of corruption and intrigue in old english courts more than i. boy was i in for disappointment! i should have known from the fact that it was scarjo and natalie portman in the flick that i was in for a tame and timid depiction of henry the eight's excesses...not for these two young, nubile starlets the uninhibited fleshly exuberance of some lesser-known up-and-coming (or british) actress. in other words - no nudity! scarjo plays is all stunned vermeer-girl-with-a-pearl-earring eyes and full lips softly agape, while portman as the social-climbing, manipulative sister is a little hard to swallow. also, let's compare eric bana as henry viii:

to what we generally know good ol' henry 8 to look like:

ummmmmm...i'm all for revisionist history, but if you're going to be giving me a tarted-up version, then i want more TARTING up! i want to see helen mirren's magnificent rack on full display! or the equivalent! this is why you never trust an american historical production when you have a british equivalent. because british people are always willing to get naked. you can take that one to the bank.

yesterday in a half-fog i watched the "sex and the city" movie. i will say this: it didn't feel as long as it obviously was...but that could have been because i was drifting in and out. it was totally vapid and implausible and not funny but i guess it was entertaining enough...i didn't want to turn it off, but i also wasn't that engaged the whole time. let's face it - the whole "sex and the city" phenomenon is kind of well done, a kind of grizzled, chewy steak tarted up like it's filet. samantha's voracious sexy-older woman schtick has been done and done. doesn't anyone remember mona from "who's the boss"??? blanche from "the golden girls"? the search for love and the token black character were both pretty hurtbag, as was the whole overblown machination about *SPOILER ALERT* big-leaving-carrie-at-the-altar that provided the heavily contrived drama of the film's last two thirds. seriously...who WOULDN'T leave carrie at the altar? i sure as hell would. that lady is bats**t insane, yo. total headcase. it's not "feminism" or "modern" that women be allowed to be weak, flighty, headcases.

we've also been half-heartedly watching bbc's companion to "planet earth", "blue planet." actually, i just checked online and "blue planet" came out first. that explains A LOT and helps to ameliorate my criticisms of it as a whole. i loves me some deep undersea business as much as the next person, but i find the obvious editorializing and insertion of a narrative in this series really annoying. they use cutesy music and cgi (which "planet earth" assiduously avoids) to turn the sea creatures into "characters," to the detriment of the piece. i understand that it's hard to get audio underwater...but i'd rather have nothing than the overwrought scoring of the composer. they also didn't have quite enough material so there's A LOT of repetition. this one i could take or leave. "planet earth" is must-watch viewing.

tonight we're having dinner with A & C in their hood at cafe polonez. i'll bring my camera to do a proper review. wait til you see the size of the schnitzel! i'm also planning on sucking back more neo citran and knitting today and maybe making a loaf of the new york times no-knead bread. first i have to see if my cast-iron casserole is a 6-8 quarter...somehow i doubt it.
maybe i'll just cut the recipe in half.


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