Friday, September 19, 2008

you don't say!

so, apparently, guys (read: the dotytron) don't respond well to in-the-sack role-playing when the roles being played consist of "yokozuna" (me) and "the undertaker" (him). sheesh! who knew?

it's probably exacerbated by the fact that i, having assigned the roles, in the persona of yokozuna, insist on being as unsexy as possible, basically rolling onto him like a beached whale in my pajamas like a proper sumo wrestler would (hey, this is method acting at its' finest) and chortling at my own cleverness in finding newfound ways to torture the dotytron before sleep.

another thing we've adopted at casa dotytron and lagerfeld is this thing we picked up from my niece. whenever you ask her a question she doesn't feel like answering, (ie. "what do you get when you take 2 apples away from 5 apples?") she scrunches up her nose, looks slightly past you, and says, in a funny voice, "who said that?! was that a talking ____ [cloud, squirrel, crazy telephone, etc]?!??" it's a pretty ace avoidance technique. so, when i was asking the dotytron if he had put his grocery money in the jar (for the third day in a row) last night after dinner, he rinsed the same line.

tonight the plan is to meet up with C & C then walk to this portugese grocery store so that i can either pick up some osso buco for sunday dinnie. and/or rabbit, if i'm feeling adventurous. then we're going to stand in line for hours and hours at pizzeria libretto until we get a table. the dotytron will be joining us after his after-school program. good god, they love him there. word is out and the school that he teaches at has more classes than he can handle.

i'll post a full review tonight! and i'll also attach some pics of last night's dinner.

i had a successful run of grocery store clothes shopping last night. joe fresh is pretty awesome for cheap, serviceable, fashionable but basic work clothes. i dug it, hard. we went to the one on lower jarvis, which has a standalone store, unlike some of the other locations, which are a little incongruous because there'll be produce and bread and condiments and then in the middle of the store, clothes. weird! the only problem i had was that a lot of the things i wanted were gone in my sizes. and shopping with the roomie drives me crazy! she needs work clothes bigtime, but while i'm frantically running around the store (we got there an hour before closing time), snatching up armfuls of stuff, i catch her, in the YOGA AND MATERNITY section, buying ANOTHER cowl-necked cotton sweatshirt. so brutal! she already has like, 5 of those! in the same colours!!!!!!!! she's the worst for buying a million of the same item of clothing, most of which, are only appropriate as "house" (maybe camping) clothes. i just gave her the exasperated head-shake.

it's early...but hallowe'en is seriously SO SO CLOSE!!! i've already decided what pumpkins i'm going to be doing and i think we're going to montreal hallowe'en weekend, because our friend I and her bf M are throwing a party in M's blingin' loft. sweet! the house family put our heads together and we came up with a pretty solid group costume...i'm seriously pumped about it. the costume works on all counts...pretty easy to put together, comfortable, cute, and works as a group thing. i'm pretty excited (even though i tend to excite easily.  still)! while we're there, i'd be pissed if we didn't eat at one of the many many many amazing montreal i think the dotytron and i are going to do an early anniversary dinner at au pied du cochon. foie gras poutine, here i come!!!


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